Measurement Analyst
Lucid Energy Group
 Dallas, TX

Job Description

Title: Measurement Analyst

Exempt: No

Department: Measurement

Reports to: Sr. Director of Measurement

Location: Dallas


The primary objective of the Measurement Analyst is to import, validate, review and provide reporting for measurement data using the PGAS or Flowcal measurement systems.


  • Maintain continuous contact with the Measurement Technicians and other Operations personnel to ensure timely and accurate facts are provided to explain data anomalies and make appropriate data edits
  • Assist with the application of patches, upgrades and system maintenance to PGAS and Flowcal
  • Perform daily tasks associated with the verification and processing of gas and liquid volumes including resolution of problems and exceptions
  • Maintain the new meter setup process and enter the configuration data in the measurement system
  • Interact with the SCADA team in resolving missing data or anomalies from EFM devices
  • Participate in process improvement efforts to ensure the importing of raw measurement data from the various sources is a standardized and automated as possible
  • Utilize data validation tools to ensure raw measurement volume and analysis data anomalies are flagged
  • Utilize Tech Tools and TESTit to ensure the audit trail from the Measurement Technicians is reviewed and any applicable edits applied to the measurement volumes
  • Participate on calls and in meetings to review L&U issues and work to ensure physical system balances in PGAS and Flowcal are kept up to date
  • Ensure the OMVs (Outside Measured Volumes) are retrieved from other pipeline entities and imported into PGAS and Flowcal, and perform validations and reviews
  • Interact with other pipeline entities to ensure they have the best available data whenever they have missing data and we may be able to provide check measurement or other data for estimates
  • Ensure gas samples are applied to the correct effective dates for gas volume data