Lane Leader

Cox Enterprises Dallas, TX
Job Scope

Coordinates the physical movement of vehicles through the sales lane to the block and parking following auction. Makes and oversees the assignments of drivers, jump start/battery operators and push truck operators in promoting a smooth flow of traffic through the auctioning process.

Key Responsibilities

* Conduct inspection of support equipment for proper working order

* Conduct pre-sale meeting with drivers identifying driver return routes, over flow areas, plan changes, etc.

* Concuct presale walk to ensure vehicles are in assigned lane as scheduled

* Identify and address missing vehicles, overflow areas, inoperable vehicles and other issues

* Maintain the run list indicating vehicles with no keys, late vehicle entries, and/or late number changes

* Respond to customer and dealer inquiries and concerns

* Coordinate and direct vehicle movement to maintain continuous flow of traffic to the block

* Oversee parking sold vehicles and re-parking non-sold vehicles

* Report theft, lot damage, or any safety concerns to management

Education & Specialized Knowledge

* High School Diploma or equivalent preferred

* Valid driver's license and safe driving record required

* Ability to drive vehicles with standard and automatic transmission

* Ability to work in a fast paced environment

* Effective verbal communication and customer service skills

* Good organizational and interpersonal skills

* Exhibit strong leadership skills

* Ability to sit for prolonged periods of time

* Ability to lift and carry up to 25 pounds (tools, equipment)

* Vision abilities required include close, distance and color vision, depth perception

* 1 year of customer service experience preferred

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