Business Data Analyst VBA / SQL

Munich Re Dallas, TX
Solomon, the leading performance improvement company for the global energy industry, is seeking candidates for a Business Data Analyst (VBA/SQL) position to work in a dynamic, fast-paced business environment. This position will work closely with energy industry experts to design and conduct industry benchmarking studies. While these experts provide in-depth knowledge of the industry, these experts must be leveraged by partnering with a skilled data analyst capable of processing large amounts of benchmarking data through various automation tools. As such, this position will play a vital role in all aspects of the benchmarking process, including:

* Designing electronic form-based solutions for consistently collecting participant data

* Maintaining a relational database for storing the collected data

* Performing database uploads, calculations, and queries

* Validating the data for accuracy by designing data quality checks

* Designing and building electronic reports and data visualizations that provide participants with key insights about their performance

* Reviewing the final reports for accuracy and delivering them to participants while maintaining the highest level of quality and confidentiality

This role often requires developing creative solutions to respond to ad hoc data requests from both the industry experts and the study participants. To be successful in this role, the person must be highly collaborative, innovative, and versatile with the ability to effectively build strong partnerships.