Counseling Specialist- Independence Inn I
 Cypress Hills, NY


Group Living:

  • Ensures that residents are provided with quality care, including matters of health,
  • safety, clothing, hygiene, and meals.
  • Ensures routines around house jobs, dorm chores, wake up and lights‑out, laundry,
  • cooking, etc.
  • Programs individual and group activities like trips, sporting events, crafts, etc.
  • Upholds all elements of behavior management system, including restriction system,
  • negotiations, and a repertoire of confrontation techniques and responses.
  • Supports assigned residents by paying attention to and supporting ed/voc needs,
  • medical issues. health, family and legal issues.

Normative Culture:

Models positive behavior at all times while confronting negative behavior.

Commits to the mission of the Inn by supporting a safe, orderly and caring


Counseling Services:

  • Obtains all necessary identification from residents for the files.
  • Sets up medical appointments and ensure that verification of such is filled in
  • resident's folder.
  • Conducts formal individual counseling session twice monthly and participates in
  • Case Conferences.
  • Conducts group meetings with assigned residents.
  • Maintains case records, recording daily and monthly progress updates on their
  • residents.
  • Reviews and prepares service plans for their residents every 60 days.
  • Participates in weekly force fields meeting.
  • Any other assigned tasks.


High School diploma is required, and at least three years of experience working with adolescents.