ABM Industries
 Culver City, CA

Responsible for planning, organizing, and directing activities of associates to ensure safe, smooth and efficient operations and providing the best patient experience possible.



  • Plans and administers activities of the associates to ensure continuous operation and timely delivery of services. Establishes priorities, assigns work, and monitors performance, quality and timeliness. Assigns and reassigns work based on workload and daily priorities.


  • Gives direction, motivation and guidance to the associates to accomplish established standards to meet or exceed customer satisfaction.
  • Plans, organizes, and directs short and long term departmental activities in accordance with regulatory and accrediting organizations.
  • Functions as a resource to staff and hospital team members.


  • Communicates clearly and effectively with direct reports, and immediate supervisor
  • Demonstrates effective oral communication skills in the following: active listening, assertiveness, providing feedback/coaching, team building, and conflict management.
  • Demonstrates effective written communication skills in written reports.
  • Attends administrative meetings and participates in assignments as requested.

Fiscal Accountability

  • Assists the district Manager in ensuring that the assigned site is its fiscal responsibilities and operating within established budgetary guidelines.
  • Facilitates, creates, distributes and maintains all necessary reports and documentation for the multiple sites. Assures that Monthly and Hours Reports are consistently accurate and on time.
  • Plans and implements staff scheduling, position controls, and attendance control procedures.
  • Assures all supplies/equipment are purchased through approved vendors.

Data Utilization

  • Assesses and utilizes appropriate data in order to improve operations.
  • Views everything with a process improvement mindset.

Service Excellence

  • Promotes a customer service mindset at all times to both internal and external customers.
  • Responds to all requests from customers with a can-do attitude. Follows up on requests with a sense of urgency.
  • Demonstrates commitment to achieving client satisfaction and employee engagement targets for the organization and department(s).
  • Practices and promotes the customer skills as provided through on-going training and in-services, including customer retention and service recovery.

Human Resources

  • Develops/coaches associates to ensure fullest potential is reached.
  • Oversees the recruitment, hiring, training, development, performance evaluation and management of employees within assigned departments.
  • Ensures work assignments and schedules meet department and facility needs to maintain quality standards.
  • Ensures department Training Programs at all sites are being conducted within appropriate timeframes.
  • Knows all procedures, union agreements, or employee personnel manuals and meets all regulatory agency requirements.
  • Maintains current knowledge of grievance and disciplinary procedures. Communicates effectively and maintains competent coaching and counseling skills during performance review and employee discipline process.


  • Demonstrates knowledge of applicable safety regulations and safety policies/procedures.
  • Ensures department compliance with all regulations and policies.
  • May participate in High Tech and/or ABM safety committees.
  • Other duties as assigned