Town Manager
International City Management
 Crewe, VA


Oversees department heads in the creation, implementation and maintenance of departmental responsibilities and Standard Operating Procedures to achieve departmental goals. This includes enforcement of Town Ordinances and policies.

Manages maintenance, appearance, and cleanliness of the Crewe Municipal Airport. Acts as liaison for airport related issues with the Virginia Department of Aviation. Assists in the creation and maintenance of a Crewe Municipal Airport Master Plan.

Formulates policy alternatives and makes recommendations to Crewe Town Council to solve present and future issues related to Town economic growth

Evaluates, develops, and recommends annual budget that aligns with priorities set out in the Town's Comprehensive Plan while maintaining sound fiscal management.

Develops and implements expense, revenue, and capital improvement budgets; prepares forecasts of future financial conditions; and tax levies

Manages the Town's debt and bond issuance to ensure the most efficient use of the Town's bond capacity and borrowed monies

Supervises the implementation of the Town's capital projects including facilities, streetscapes, water utility and general construction

Interacts with the Town Council and provides direct administrative assistance and advice to Council members and committees

Assists in the oversight of regulatory responsibilities of Town Department Heads, Zoning Administrator; consults frequently with Town Attorney for legal counsel; is vested with duties of town commissioner of the revenue and treasurer

Oversees the procurement of all goods and services; reviews and approves accounts payable

Handles and resolves resident concerns

Conducts Town business with federal, state, regional, and local jurisdictions and organizations

Promotes the Town as a good place to live and work; encourages and facilitates business start-ups and expansions

As Chair of the Town's Personnel Committee and in coordination with that committee, interviews, selects, supervises, evaluates, disciplines, and discharges subordinate employees

Reviews all disciplinary and performance evaluation matters; administers the personnel policies established by the Town Council

Sets and carries out administrative policies and procedures

Ensures business continuity by delegating or transitioning responsibilities during absences

Performs related duties as assigned


Under the Town Charter, this job is appointed by the Town Council to manage daily operations of the Town of Crewe and reports to the Town Council.


This job has direct responsibility for managing and coordinating the operations of all Town departments and operations.


Physical Demands:

Tasks involve the ability to exert very light physical effort involving some combination of sitting, walking, stooping, kneeling; and may involve some lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling of objects and materials of light weight

Subject to working hours significantly beyond regularly scheduled hours

Sensory Requirements:

This job has no unusual sensory requirements

Environmental Factors:

Tasks are regularly performed without exposure to adverse environmental conditions

Subject to working hours significantly beyond regularly scheduled hours

Travels to off-site locations


Education and Experience: Bachelor's degree in public administration, business or closely related field preferred but not required. Equivalent experience in lieu of a degree will be considered. Experience in local government and organizational management preferred but not required.

Applicants must have directly applicable experience that demonstrates the possession of the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies necessary for immediate success in the position. Qualifying experience may have been acquired in any public or private sector job, but will clearly demonstrate past experience in the application of the particular competencies.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Ability to deal courteously and effectively with the public, other government officials, and business representatives

Ability to develop budgets and spend within allocated budgets

Ability to advise and provide interpretation regarding the application of policies, procedures and standards to new or evolving situations

Ability to identify complex issues, research potential solutions, and make informed recommendations to decision-makers

Ability to make sound personnel and business decisions and exercise good judgment

Individual and organizational leadership and management skills such as the ability to supervise, coach, mentor, motivate or discipline others

Workforce development skills such as the ability to develop or amend position descriptions, identify shortfalls in training, implement remedial training and train others as needed

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Licenses or Certifications: Valid Virginia Driver's License

The Town of Crewe is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Town of Crewe will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.

Candidates must be prepared to relocate their residence to the Crewe area within 180 days of hire.


This position will remain open until filled. Application evaluation will begin after 2 December 2019.

Applications should include a resume, cover letter, and Town of Crewe employment application.

Full application materials may be emailed to or mailed to Mayor Greg Eanes and/or Vice-Mayor Anne Stinson, 125 East Carolina Avenue, Crewe, Va 23930, Attention: Search Committee.

For more information, including Town of Crewe employment application, please visit and click on the “Town Manager Search“ link.