Sr. Research Investigator I, Protein Science

Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. Cranbury, NJ
Sr. Research Investigator I, Protein Science

Position Summary

The successful candidate will have broad experience initiating, overseeing, and participating in ongoing and new research programs. Protein purification, characterization, including assay development will constitute a major portion of the candidate's daily activities. A strong background in protein biochemistry and biophysics with emphasis on the relationship between structure and function is highly desirable. Experience working with disease-relevant proteins that contain N and O-linked oligosaccharides would be a major plus for this position.

Roles and Responsibilities

* Perform analytical and biochemical characterization during and after the purification process

* Perform and develop analytical assays to support biological drug development

* Serve on and/or lead departmental and inter-departmental teams

* Write and review internal and external developmental reports


* Ph.D. in Biology or Biochemistry (or relevant discipline), and minimum of 2-4 years of relevant biopharmaceutical laboratory experience or relevant post-doctoral fellowship

* Experience with basic protein biochemistry and molecular biology techniques: SDS-PAGE, western blots, cloning, expression of recombinant proteins in bacteria and eukaryotic systems

* Purification of recombinant proteins by affinity and conventional chromatographic methods

* Enzymatic assay development – colorimetric, fluorescent, and isotopic methods

* Structural characterization of proteins, peptides, and glycans by HPLC and LC/MS

* Determination of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of novel enzymes using steady state kinetic and binding assays

* Work within a team structure and on individual projects

* Good ability to express ideas in writing and oral presentations

* Strong intra-personnel skills


* 0-10%