Soldering Technician - (Wire Harness)

Nesco Resource
 Courtland, AL

Job Description:

Performs a variety of duties in the electronic, mechanical, electromechanical, and/or optical areas.

Constructs, troubleshoots, calibrates, adjusts, tests, diagnoses, and maintains equipment, components, devices, or systems.

Works from schematics, engineering drawings and written or verbal instructions.

Operates related equipment; conducts tests and reports data in prescribed format.

Performs calibration and alignment checks; makes adjustments, modifications, and replacements as directed; prepares prescribed compounds and solutions.

Exclude technicians working in production or quality assurance.

Typical Minimums:

High School diploma, or equivalent experience/combined education, with additional specialized technical training equivalent to a technical Associate degree and/or demonstrated ability to perform assigned technical/para-engineering tasks and 3 Years of experience.

Experience with test instrumentation (accelerometers, thermocouples, and strain gauges).

IPC 620/Cable Harness-Soldering

Basic knowledge of test equipment (DITMO, O-scope, etc.

Prior experience/certifications in industries specific to the job description

Work schedule will be 4/10 and Shifts will be 6am-4:30pm (Thur-Sun). Once fully trained schedule may change to 4pm to 2:30am Mon Thur or Thur Sun.

Candidate must either have the following to be considered for interview:

> An active IPC 620A certification and 2 years experience

> An inactive IPC 620A Certification that has lapsed no more than 5 years ago and 2 year experience

> No IPC 620A certification but has more than 5 years wire harness experience