General Inside Laborer

Westmoreland Coal Company Corning, OH
Job Description

Responsibilities Include:

* Perform various general/manual labor duties on frequent basis such as shoveling; applying rock dust; gathering and delivering supplies and materials; greasing conveyor belt rollers, tailpieces and head drives; assisting other miners in performing their duties, etc.

* Assist in moving the section, which primarily involves installing/retrieving mine conveyor belt, associated structure and devices, and moving up/pulling back the section main electrical power distribution center, battery chargers and associated electrical cables.

* May be required to operate mining equipment on an as needed basis.

* Conduct all work activities in compliance with Federal and State coal mining laws and Company policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

Job Requirements

General Job Requirements:

* OH Experienced Miner certification.

* Must be able to follow specific instructions while maintaining acceptable established standards of work performance and conduct, show the necessary and consistent energy, as well as acceptable mental and physical dexterity, for the satisfactory completion of the essential duties as summarized and defined.

* Must exhibit acceptable interpersonal skills and the continuous ability to work in a team oriented atmosphere.