Multivendor Services Sales Specialist

IBM Corporation Coppell, TX
The Multi-vendor Services (MVS) Sales Specialist has the responsibility to identify, develop, and close opportunities in their client set that drive signings, revenue and gross profit results to meet our overall business objectives in each area. Through intimate knowledge of the Technology Support Services (TSS) MVS portfolio, they will identify opportunities and provide solutions to client business needs that improve their business operations and financial performance. Successful MVS Sales Specialists will be able to:

* Select and prioritize the high-growth and value revenue opportunities

* Lead or participate with cross functional sales teams

* Develop client propositions that clearly articulate IBM's unique value proposition and client benefits

* Build the appropriate solution that will meet client's business objectives

* Drive our solutions for both hardware and software support to closure with high customer satisfaction.

The MVS Sales Specialist will collaborate with other cross-team and cross-brand sellers to coordinate and close opportunities across multiple sales channels to maximize the TSS coverage model and drive growth for IBM Technology Support Services. He/she will develop and execute sales and engagement strategies that maximize client touches and interactions, ensure client satisfaction with IBM support, and drive growth in each strategic growth area of the TSS business.

Employees in this role are expected to specialize in the maintenance and technical support line of business, develop and maintain their MVS expertise, understand our primary competition, and develop innovative and winning sales strategies in an ever changing technical support marketplace.

Work location: Coppell, TX