Visual Designer, Brand Design Systems
 Columbus, OH
Company: Root is a car insurance company founded on the simple idea that people who drive well are less likely to get in accidents, and that means they should pay less for insurance. With a small initial venture capital investment, Root was faced with the challenge of building the entirety of the technology necessary to run a car insurance carrier from scratch. Through applying techniques to gain significant engineering leverage in the short-term without compromising long-term velocity, the engineering team at Root was able to deliver successfully, creating one of the fastest venture-backed companies to ever reach a billion-dollar valuation. 

Progress: We’ve been in business now for four years. In those four years, we have become the fastest-growing auto insurance company, on a % growth in premium basis. Our most recent round of funding valued us at $3.65B and brought our total VC funding to $523M. In the last year and a half, we have grown our team from 60 to 700.

Embrace the love of the problem.
Question the norm.
Tackle the tough challenges head-on.
Have the uncomfortable conversations.
Ask forgiveness rather than permission. 
Judge on the merits of work.
Celebrate ambitious teamwork.
Lead with empathy. 
Filter the temptation to do the obvious. 
Invest, don’t spend.
Empower the customer to solve.

Culture: Root has been rapidly growing for the last few years. Our early signs of success are in large part due to our unwavering standards in hiring. We recognize that our product is only as

Position: Root is looking for a graphic designer with a focus on brand design systems as part of the site team. The Visual Designer, Site Team, works closely with cross-functional partners, to design the needed content types, components, styles, and systems to support site content—delivering high-quality creative work that is mindful of key business goals, consistency of brand expression, and our customers.

Reports to: Art Director


  • Immediate responsibilities include: creating the visual design system (content types, components, style templates) for a complete revamp of content on the site.
  • Ongoing responsibilities include: rolling out, refining, and governing helpful brand design systems and templates across Creative Marketing.
  • Working in concert with other workstream teams involved in the redesign (Inventory + Audit, Content Design, Content Migration, and Testing + Governance).
  • Using your expertise in layout and typography to develop work that is on-strategy and on-brand, raising the creative bar while meeting our customers’ needs.
  • Maintaining an aesthetic on every project that is consistent with brand visuals and values, while helping push the brand forward.
  • Working with copywriters, animators, and directors to ensure projects are creatively successful and collaborative.
  • Maintaining an organized and efficient production process.


  • You’re a self-organizing, highly collaborative team member.
  • You internalize business needs and ship work that solves those needs.
  • You understand how to focus on a core hypothesis and don’t get distracted by features that detract from that goal.
  • You understand the value of conducting design research (e.g. Lift Analysis), and testing big ideas.
  • In a team setting, you understand how to navigate disagreements, and commit.
  • You have strong written and verbal communication skills—particularly with keeping stakeholders aware of project status. 
  • You have a flexible approach—operating proactively in a fast-paced, evolving atmosphere with ambiguous structures.
  • Your approach to design expands beyond aesthetics to include broader goals. 
  • You recognize transparency with team members as a means to iteratively deliver more valuable work, together.
  • You love to learn, and apply what you learn.


  • 6+ years experience in the design field. In-house experience with a brand is a must, agency experience is nice-to-have. 
  • Site design experience is a must. Print experience is nice-to-have.
  • Understanding of broader design systems, and how the application of both consistency and flexibility supports valuable content design.
  • Comprehensive design expertise, with excellent technical command of software (we use a combination of Figma, the Adobe Suite, and Keynote.)
  • Exceptional design capabilities: strong sense of aesthetics, excellent command of typography, thoughtful use of composition, and keen understanding of, or high interest in UI/UX.
  • Big-picture thinker with an affinity for analytical details. Strong understanding of how brand standards and campaign messages work across multiple marketing channels is required:  strong examples of this way of thinking should be present in past work.