Natural Resources Administrator 1
Department of Administrative Services, State of Ohio
 Columbus, OH

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is currently seeking candidates for a Natural Resources Administrator 1 position in the Soil and Water Conservation Division, headquartered in one of the following counties: Ashtabula, Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana, Lake, Geauga, Portage, Stark, Cuyahoga, Summit, Wayne, Medina, Lorain, Ashland, Richland, Huron and Erie. The duties for the Natural Resources Administrator 1 position include but are not limited to:

  • Directs and coordinates activities related to the soil and water conservation district (SWCD) program for assigned area
  • Oversees development and implementation of SWCD programs in a subset of multiple Ohio counties in North East Ohio
  • Assists with planning and administration of natural resources programs
  • Analyzes policies and procedures, systems used, personnel, maintenance needs and operational efficiency required to administer SWCD programs
  • Prepares detailed reports of procedures and proposals and recommends same to administrative superior
  • Directs and coordinates various nonpoint source pollution abatement activities and development of technical reports associated with design and construction of same
  • Provides general guidance and direct supervision of programs when required through SWCDs
  • Serves as the primary contact for SWCDs in handling pollution complaints
  • Provides training and oversight in both technical and administrative responsibilities
  • Assists board members and employees in gathering information concerning conservation needs
  • Oversees procedural guides in implementing and monitoring district works of improvements, cost share programs, and watershed programs in compliance with legislative laws
  • Provides local SWCD guidance in implementing rules and regulations associated with technical and administrative responsibilities set forth by law and assists in formulating agreements between local SWCDs and other entities such as municipalities, townships, watershed groups and public/private enterprises
  • Develops and maintains a working relationship with all SWCD board members and their staff in assigned counties
  • Assists with developing long and short-range work plans, job descriptions, standards of performance, training outlines and evaluations
  • Annually, conducts fiduciary responsibility reviews
  • Provides improvement recommendations to the local SWCD
  • Develops and delivers training programs and educational information for local, regional and statewide audiences
  • Evaluates local SWCD needs relating to finance, personnel, and program development
  • Assists SWCDs with tracking and reporting activities and accomplishments through the SWCD Reporting System
  • Represents the Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission (OSWCC) in conducting SWCD elections and provides guidance and checks compliance of OSWCC rules and policies
  • Participates in staff meetings
  • Attends trainings & conference on behalf of ODA
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Unless required by legislation or union contract, starting salary will be set at the lowest rate of the salary range. In most cases successful employees will move up a step in the salary range within six months, with subsequent step increases occurring every year as supported by successful performance.

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Completion of graduate major core program and 12 months experience in natural resources specialty indicated under job duties within approved position description; valid driver's license.

  • Or undergraduate major core program and 24 months training or 24 months experience in natural resources specialty indicated under job duties within approved position; valid driver's license.
  • Or 48 months training or 48 months experience in natural resources specialty indicated under job duties within approved position description; valid driver's license.
  • Or equivalent of minimum class qualifications for employment noted above