Dist Project Mgr -Dist Project Mgr Principal

American Electic Power Columbus, OH
Job Description

Please note: This one opportunity will be filled at a range from Distribution Project Manager - Distribution Project Mgr Principal based upon education and required experience.

Manage one or more intermediate and/or complex projects within a matrix team environment. Provide leadership, direction, training, coordination, and effective communication to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close projects in a safe, efficient, economical, risk-balanced approach to achieve short and long range goals and to obtain maximum customer satisfaction. Develop relationships and effectively communicate with all stakeholders including internal customers, external customers, team members, suppliers, contractors, vendors, and industry peers.

* Perform supervisory duties and responsibilities if direct reports are assigned.

* Plan, organize, direct, coordinate and supervise assigned project and outage work activities.

* Support and hold employees and contractors accountable to AEP safety policies and standards, ensuring a safe working environment focused on "Commitment to Zero". Develop, review and coordinate the project/outage plan, schedule, budget, tools, and staff, becoming proficient in most if not all knowledge areas of project plans.

* Effectively communicate project/outage details and status updates.

* Lead planning meetings and project/outage updates with significant contributing role in stakeholder presentations.

* Provide clear and concise written reports.

* Develop effective working relationships with the project team, operating company staff, internal and external customers or partners, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

* Foster teamwork and seek customer satisfaction.

* Provide specific guidance, instruction, and training to improve design, systems, procedures, schedules, and costs.

* Ensure maximum customer satisfaction and demonstrate effective and efficient performance of project/outage work activities.

* May supervise employees, as assigned, including duties such as completion of well written performance plans.

* Provide support to direct reports in their development activities.