Customer Design Technician (Associate - Principal)

American Electic Power Columbus, OH
Job Description

Job Summary:

Customer Design Technicians are responsible for preparing required orders, obtain right of way, etc. to implement recommended system improvements such as capacity improvements, pole replacements, recloser reconditioning, etc. Technicians establish service for and interact with residential/commercial/industrial customers and collaborate to determine customer needs with respect to new services, service upgrades, and facility relocations, among others. Once customer's needs are determined, the technicians design facilities required to meet the needs of the customer while determining what, if any, costs are to be passed onto the customer and billed accordingly.

Additional Job Responsibilities:

Note: This list is not all-inclusive and some responsibilities listed are dependent on experience/qualification level.

Contacting the Project Design Group for advice on system improvements needed to serve new loads and other issues as needed.

Obtaining simple easements for projects and consulting with the appropriate Right of Way Agent to obtain more complex easements.

Participating in storm restoration work, specifically assessment of storm damage (once adequate field experience has been gained). This may require travel within the State of Ohio and out of the State of Ohio.

Learning and understanding AEP Distribution Standards, NESC Codes, OSHA Rules, AEP Accounting Practices, CIAC Rules, AEP Tariffs and Safety Rules and Procedures.

Learning and becoming proficient in the use of: Microsoft Outlook, Distribution Design Studio, Electric Office, Fieldview, PDS, EEMS, TLM, STORMS, OPS, JERI, CAD and other Microsoft applications.

Principal/Core Competencies:

Technical Proficiency: Possesses technical knowledge acquired from prior utility experience or associate's degree program in electrical/electronic engineering technology; Gains knowledge of standards, codes, and regulations relevant to area of assignment; Assists employees in handling defined portions of routine problems when beneficial to AEP; Uses knowledge and experience to perform cost effective work in an efficient manner; Exhibits understanding of pertinent equipment, material, systems, and processes; Possesses proficient computer literacy, knowledge, and skills.

Leadership & Guidance: Demonstrates ability to work with others in supplying information and seeking assistance, as necessary; Understands and works within appropriate policies and follows procedures; Provides training and guidance to employees, where beneficial.

Planning & Organization: Develops knowledge of time constraints for work activities and makes proper adjustments, where needed, and prioritizes routine work to meet the demands of the business; Maintains accurate records; Plans work in accordance with AEP standard planning practices.

Problem Solving & Initiative: Applies technical knowledge and experience in resolving problems encountered in assigned work; Uses initiative in looking for opportunities to improve process and increase knowledge/skills; Seeks out, compiles, analyzes, and interprets information necessary to perform work activities and solve problems.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills: Communicates effectively, both orally and in writing with internal and external customers; Assists in the preparation of technical reports and papers; Demonstrates the ability to be a team player; Interacts with others in an open, friendly, and sincere manner; Contributes to team goals; Begins networking with peers to share information and encourage cooperation; Develops win-win relationships; Understands corporate goals.

Decision-Making & Business Awareness: Uses decision-making skills to perform job efficiently and cost-effectively; Demonstrates an attitude, ability, and desire to listen and satisfy both internal and external customers; Develops understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the local organizational unit.