Compliance Agent PN 20061497
Department of Administrative Services, State of Ohio
 Columbus, OH

The Mission of the Ohio Department of Commerce

is to safeguard Ohio's citizens and visitors, their property

and resources while ensuring reliable marketplaces

conducive to business growth and prosperity.

The Division of Liquor Control supports Ohio's economy by providing funding for job creation and business development through the proceeds from Ohio's liquor industry.

The division ensures Ohioans have access to the products they want by overseeing the manufacture, distribution and sale of all alcoholic beverages, selling spirituous liquor through contract liquor agencies and registering products for sale.

The division promotes the responsible consumption of alcohol by educating the public, and ensuring that businesses are informed and trained on their responsibilities

not to sell to underage or intoxicated individuals.

Please note: this position is posted for Franklin County

Conducts confidential, technical and sensitive investigations and inspections of liquor permit premises to control traffic in beer & intoxicating liquor, including sale & granting or refusal of permits for sale of beer & intoxicating liquor as authorized by Ohio Revised Code (e.g., false ownership, illegal operations, application premises inspections, etc.). Researches court records and interviews applicants in conjunction with the application or renewal process. Conducts investigations and inspections of Liquor Agency Stores. Conducts annual renewal inspections of approximately 25,000 permit premises to determine & ensure compliance to all statutory & administrative provisions.

Prepares detailed reports on investigations, inspections & related assignments. Gathers documents and secures evidence. Prepares and issues citations or correction notices, and completes resultant reports. Prepares daily activity reports utilizing the Ohio Liquor Computer System. Serves as State Witness before Courts of Law & Liquor Control Commission.

Maintains liaison with local law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, regulatory agencies and other public officials. Maintains public relations with persons in the alcoholic beverage industry & general public. Serves as liaison to Liquor Agency Stores and trains Agency Store employees through the Division's Alcohol Server Program on state liquor laws, regulations and departmental policies relating to the alcoholic beverage sales. Serves as liaison to various segments of the alcoholic beverage industry and may conduct presentations or training on state liquor laws, regulations and departmental policies as they relate to compliance of manufacturing, distribution and sales in the state. May assist Division in the training of new employees. May make presentations or lecture to civic, church & school groups on state liquor laws, regulations & departmental policies relating to permits per instructions of the Chief of Investigations and Compliance, or Supervisor.

Completion of associate core program in law enforcement, criminal justice or in academic field commensurate with program area to be assigned per approved Position Description on file; 12 mos. exp. in investigative techniques & procedures; 12 mos. exp. in business office software programs (e.g., Microsoft Office); valid driver's license.

  • Or 30 mos. trg. or exp. in investigative techniques & procedures; 12 mos. exp. in business office software programs (Microsoft Office); valid driver's license.