Class A Driver

Apple Moving
 Columbus, GA


Requires commercial drivers' license. Drive a tractor-trailer combination or a truck with a capacity of at least 26,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR). Follows DOT Safety regulations. Understands the different types of moving jobs. Drives truck to customer residence, office locations or storages and packs, loads unloads household goods. Serves as the crew leader and customer service representative.


  • Perform vehicles Pre-Trip inspections to ensure that mechanical, safety, and emergency equipment is in good working order. Turn in Pre-Trip forms to Fleet Safety and report any vehicle issues.
  • Follow appropriate safety procedures for transporting household goods. Check that doors are securely closed, and equipment is placed in the truck's designated compartment.
  • Inspect loads to ensure that cargo is secure by using straps or covers.
  • Maintain logs of working hours or of vehicle service or repair status, following applicable state and federal regulations.
  • Maneuver trucks into loading or unloading positions, following signals from loading crew and checking that vehicle and loading equipment are properly positioned.
  • Report to Fleet Management vehicle accidents, mechanical failures, traffic violations, or damage to the vehicles.
  • Before starting local COD deliveries, driver must contact Dispatcher to confirm payment otherwise collect payment from customer. Acceptable method of payments that drivers can accept are certified checks and money orders. When job is complete driver must obtain the customer signature on the form, l “Combined Uniform Household Goods Bill of Lading and Freight Bill“. Return paperwork and payment to the Dispatcher.
  • Drive CDL and Non-CDL trucks including tractor-trailer combinations, to transport household goods and other materials.
  • Check all load-related documentation for completeness and accuracy.
  • When required, driver must obtain weight at the Company's scale or any other authorized weight stations. If weight is obtained at an outside weight station, driver must turn in weight ticket along with the rest of the paperwork to Dispatcher.
  • Couple or uncouple trailers by changing trailer jack positions, connecting or disconnecting air or electrical lines, or manipulating fifth-wheel locks.
  • Check conditions of trailers after contents have been unloaded to ensure that there has been no damage.
  • Driver must be able to perform basic vehicle maintenance tasks, such as adding oil, fuel, or radiator fluid or performing minor repairs, such as changing light bulbs, change spark plugs and tire chains.
  • Crank trailer landing gear up or down to safely secure vehicles.
  • Pay special attention for commercial routes as there are routes that don't allow commercial vehicles. Also pay special attention to weight and height restrictions. (Low bridges, tunnels etc.)
  • Load and unload trucks and help where needed, using special loading-related equipment or other equipment as necessary. (walk board, dollies, piano boards, hump straps)
  • Driver must know how to conduct an accurate and detailed inventory. Inventory must include a list of all household items that will be loaded in the truck. Inventory list must be easy to read and understand. Inventory must match boxes labels. All items that are not placed in a box must be inventoried with a full description and detailed list of conditions. (Scratched, dented, punctured, broken etc.)
  • Wrap and secure household goods using pads, packing paper, containers, or straps.
  • Follow safety procedures for Flatbed trucks. Ensure that loads are properly secured in the vehicle, this includes strapping and tarping.
  • Responsible for planning, coordinating and executing the relocation. Give directions and assistance to helpers, packer, and loaders in order to successfully complete the relocation.
  • Driver is required to fuel their vehicle at the end of their shift.
  • Driver will request daily assignment from Dispatcher. Dispatcher will provide him with verbal instructions and paperwork.


  • High School Graduate or General Education Degree (GED) Required
  • Valid Class A CDL License
  • Must be 23 years of age with 2 years experience
  • Must be legal to work in the US
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check
  • Must be able to pass a DOT drug test
  • Must be able to register and pass with the FMCSA Clearinghouse
  • Clean Driving Record
  • Be able to provide a 10-year work history
  • Must meet the medical requirements to pass a DOT physical
  • Must pass a road test