Registered Nurse II - 61005937/79200

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Nurses in this position conduct systematic surveillance of medical records of all individuals identified by practices as having one of the target neuromuscular disorders, interpret medical diagnoses/descriptions in the record, and abstract relevant statistical/medical information into a case report database. Responsibilities include ensuring completeness/accuracy of information while maintaining required logs; quality control checks/confidentiality measures; meeting organizational objectives; providing progress reports; and serving as liaison to hospital/clinic departments.

Identifies and abstracts muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular disorder research data from the medical records by maintaining ongoing communication with assigned facilities, allowing adequate time for compilation of information, and considering project deadlines; maintains open communication and strong relationships with health care facilities/practices where abstracting is done.

Ensures completeness and accuracy of diagnostic and demographic information while maintaining required logs, quality control checks and strict confidentiality of patient, hospital, agency, and administration of data according to public health surveillance legislation, SC DHEC policy and public health surveillance regulations; works closely with MD STARnet data management personnel to eliminate data abstract duplications; accurately records selected data on appropriate forms in a manner that is clearly understandable while following MD STARnet protocol and guidelines.

Provides/coordinates follow-up with stakeholders; coordinates travel with facilities and program staff according to policy. Meets organizational objectives; follows established policies and procedures for ensuring the total acquisition of records, maintaining detailed log books documenting effort, weekly and monthly program reports. Participates in special projects and studies as directed by the Bureau of Health Improvement and Equity Director of the Division of Surveillance.

Minimum and Additional Requirements:

State Minimum Requirements: Licensure as a registered nurse by the South Carolina Board of Nursing. Some positions require a valid driver's license. Also, some positions require certification in Basic Life Support and/or Basic/Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Graduation from an accredited school of nursing.

Agency Additional Requirements: At least two (2) years of professional nursing experience in a public health/hospital setting.

Institutions of higher learning must be recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Applicants indicating college credit or degree(s) on the application may upload an unofficial copy of the transcript as an attachment to the application. Please note that the agency will require an official, certified copy of the transcript or diploma prior to hiring.

Preferred Qualifications:

Completion of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) muscular dystrophy nurse abstractor certification.

Additional Comments:

DRIVING RECORD: If this position requires the applicant to possess a valid driver's license to operate a state vehicle or personal vehicle, any applicant being considered in the final stages of selection for the position will be required to provide a certified copy of a 10-year driving record.

SC DHEC is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employing agency.