Program Coordinator II (61032269) **INTERNAL APPLICANTS ONLY**

South Carolina Job Board Columbia, SC
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The SCDOT Agency Fleet Coordinator responsible for the coordination and issue of the Departments fuel card system to provide Proprietary, WEX, Supervisor, and Auxiliary cards. Handles request from District Coordinators by phone or e-mail concerning lost or stolen cards, receiving/recording obsolete cards and requesting new cards for new equipment. Review reports and notify District Administrators of discrepancies. Coordinates and orders fuel card requests with State Fleet Management (SFM). Issues cards, maintains, and up-to-date database files. Prepare reports as requested, helps train new fuel card coordinators, and assists with fuel transaction investigations as needed. Prepares registration and licensing of all SCDOT equipment requiring tags on DVM's Project Phoenix System to provide replacement tags, duplicate titles, and duplicate registration card requests. Coordinates paperwork, receives invoices, prepares Form 608 for transfer of funds, handles disposal of license plates, keeps and performs tag inventory, and maintains files. Process paperwork received and maintains database and files for Permanent Assignment of State Owned Vehicles. Coordinates and provides annual reports to State Fleet Management of assigned vehicles. Enters commuting mileage data in STARS Employee Vehicle Usage and Labor Rate System used by accounting to obtain commuting mileage reimbursements from employees. Prepares vehicle replacement reports and SFM Form 6-77 for new vehicle acquisitions. Maintains vehicles replacement journal and posts office files related to vehicle orders. Provides telephonic and written vehicle activity reports to SFM. Contacts with SFM include new vehicle acquisitions and disposition of vehicle reports and assists SFM in providing information as needed on SCDOT vehicles. Must research files in order to develop reports. Handles registrations on all SCDOT boat and outboards motors with the Department of Natural Resources and coordinates transfer of funds for payments. Prepares purchase orders and work orders for new vehicles and equipment. Performs other special project duties assigned by supervisor to assist with daily operations of Supply and Equipment Office and overall management of agency fleet equipment. Liaison with fuel vendor and accounting to resolve system problems, fueling problems, phone line and data transmittal problems, pin number problems, card problems, and billing problems. Coordinates with SFM and vendor to determine changes in card usage for emergency situations such as hurricanes and fuel shortages.

Minimum and Additional Requirements:A bachelor's degree and five (5) years of relevant program experience; or an approved acceptable equivalence in accordance with State Human Resources Regulations.

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