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The Life Underwriter gathers information from appropriate sources to determine acceptability of risks and proper risk classification for Life Insurance policies. Provides education to the sales force in all aspects of Life Underwriting. Communicates with the sales force, applicants, and medical facilities regarding determination of risk. Requires the ability to perform the essential functions of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation. Requires the ability to perform the essential functions of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation.

Minimum starting salary: $43,735.00

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  • Identifies proper rate class and rating based on Life Underwriting tools consisting of: medical exams, blood profiles, Attending Physician Statements, ScriptCheck, consumer reports, financial statements, MVRs, MIB Coding System, and various questionnaires in addition to the Life application.
  • Responds orally and in writing to agents, sales managers, applicants, policyholders, doctors' offices, paramedic companies, reinsurers and others regarding application completion, rate classification changes, exclusions or rate ups, medical records, lab results, and any information needed based on the underwriting decision.
  • Analyzes information on the Life Insurance application and the applicant's medical history, occupation, avocations, lifestyle, driving record, and finances.
  • Decides if the policy can be issued, and if so, determines the appropriate rate class.
  • Reevaluates substandard risks on issued Life policies to determine if the rate can be lowered. Makes decisions on reinstatement applications and increases in coverage to existing Life policies.
  • Maintains knowledge of Life plans we offer and their coverages; diseases, medical conditions and terms; government legislation such as Privacy Act and state laws; world travel warnings; and Medical Information Bureau procedures.
  • Participates in the Life Underwriting discussion panel as part of the Agents Fundamental ll training program, participates in internal underwriting discussion sessions, attends external underwriting seminars, serves and heads committees for Life Underwriting changes and procedure updates, and works with Reinsurers.
  • Attends Life Kick-Off Meetings to assist the sales force by discussing ways to improve and expedite issuance of Life policies, to meet those in the field, and to develop a team relationship with Marketing.
  • Performs related duties and special projects as requested by the Underwriting Manager.
  • Other duties may be assigned to meet ongoing business needs.
  • Ability to perform essential functions of the job, with or without a reasonable accommodation.
  • Superior communication skills for effective interaction with agents, sales managers, applicants, policyholders, doctors' offices, paramedical companies, reinsurers, and others in explaining company underwriting policies and procedures.
  • Proficient operation of PC and applicable software including Internet Basics, Microsoft Word, eCommerce, Reinsurance websites, Vendor websites, SHIELD PORTAL, and any additional underwriting technologies that may become available.
  • Must be able to research, analyze, and interpret information from various sources to reach a practical and logical decision.
  • Must be consistent in evaluations, but possess the ability to negotiate and compromise.
  • Must have accuracy, organizational, and time management skills.
  • College degree or equivalent.
  • Completion of LOMA 1 & 2 courses in the first year and LOMA 3 & 4 courses in the second year. Continued successful completion of additional courses is expected until FLMI designation is achieved.
  • Participates in underwriting training program to learn company policies and procedures, rating manuals, state laws, and medical terminology along with medical conditions and diseases.