O&M Tech IV, Measurement-Columbia

Enable Midstream Partners, LP Columbia, IL
Position Summary

Responsible for the daily operations, maintenance, troubleshooting, testing and calibration of natural gas measurement equipment. Performs gas quality and contaminant testing for compliance with the Company's gas composition requirements. Maintains and troubleshoots communication equipment and systems for reliable collection and transfer of measurement related data to the main computer systems. Maintains and troubleshoots control valves and pressure regulation at receipt and delivery points. Reviews measurement data for accuracy and make necessary edits of data. Performs all tasks in a manner that supports the Company's mission, vision and goals. Ensures that the facilities are operated, within safe operating limits, and maintained in compliance with all company policies and procedures and applicable local, state and federal rules and regulations including but not limited to DOT/PHMSA regulations.

Responsible for Standardized processes related to gas and energy measurement, electronics, and communications. Performs responsibilities within standardized processes. Works under general guidance. Resolves questions and problems using principles of field. Refers the more complex issues to higher levels. Follows established procedures to accomplish requirements of job. Able to handle some process deviation without direct guidance.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

* Evaluates operations and makes recommendations to procedures and guidelines.

* Coordinates field activities related to the installation, startup, and operation of new equipment.

* May assist in the preparation and training of technicians for the certification tests and help administer the tests.

* Trained and competent in the operation and maintenance of gas chromatographs.

* Understands and apply the functional concept of operation of a gas chromatograph.

* Tests, operates, and maintains over-pressure protection control valves and regulators for DOT compliance.

* Installs and calibrate analyzers used to detect gas contaminants. Configure systems to alarm or control on high level detection.

* Performs analysis of balance segments and utilize computer tools to locate and correct faulty measurement data.