USAMS III OSM - SATCOM Electromagnetic Ingerference (EMI) Analyst - Colorado Springs, CO

Apogee Engineering Colorado Springs, CO
2016 SBA Prime Contractor of the Year, Region VIII

Apogee Engineering is seeking SATCOM Electromagnetic Ingerference (EMI) Analyst to be located in Colorado Springs, CO. This effort provides Engineering and Analytical support to US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) / J661. Support includes planning, definition, implementation, and operational management of global communications systems to yield more effective and flexible global SATCOM support.

Why work with us?

Apogee Engineering, LLC is a growing provider of research, engineering, operations, financial and administrative expertise across an array of DOD and Federal Civilian Customers. Our company was founded on the commitment of making a positive difference for our customers and staff alike. This commitment, infused with integrity and a passion for excellence, has propelled Apogee Engineering into the ranks of an elite small business company, known for unwavering dedication to their client's success, a warm and family-like work environment, and an enthusiasm to providing the right solution at the right time.

What you'll be doing:

* Provide assistance with developing, coordinating, and executing operating concepts to protect and defend Protected, Wideband, Narrowband, and Commercial SATCOM systems.

* Provide support for systems engineering studies, analyses, and activities and provide support to simulations and activities to define and optimize system interoperability, security, and standardization

* Engage with the SATCOM Community of Interest to support EMI monitoring, detection, identification, reporting, characterization, and geographic location for current and emerging electronic warfare threats to SATCOM systems

* Assist in fostering Government relationships with industry partners and other Government agencies and maintaining knowledge of national capabilities in support of EMI geolocation and associated resolution efforts.

* Support activities to maintain situational awareness of Protected, Wideband, Narrowband, and Commercial SATCOM capabilities available for EMI monitoring, detection, characterization, and geolocation that can be employed effectively for military operations. Provide support to analyze new capabilities to monitor, detect, characterize, and geolocate EMI in support of Space Operations.

* Provide assistance with the Government's SATCOM planning and requirements definition for Protected, Wideband, Narrowband, and Commercial SATCOM systems and assessing satellite movements, reconfigurations, and operational impacts on current and future operations and plans related to EMI effects on SATCOM operations and management.

* Provide assistance for the Government's revision of plans, policies, and documentation to account for EMI operations and management requirements in support of Government operational decisions.

* Provide support to correlate technical conclusions concerning methods for meeting EMI resolution requirements, relative costs, and advantages of alternate approaches, lead times, and support requirements.

* Support activities to develop and review documentation as well as EMI trend analysis and operational deficiency data and recommendations as they pertain to operational management.

* Provide assistance with posting, editing, and maintaining appropriate content on the JFSCC SATCOM website in support of EMI activities and events. Provide EMI subject matter expertise and document TTPs.

* Provide support for coordination activities with Combatant Commands and other SATCOM users to assess availability of SATCOM resources to support operations and optimization of SATCOM resources in response to EMI activities and events.

* Provide support to develop strategies to identify, characterize, geolocate, and mitigate non-hostile and hostile EMI in collaboration with the intelligence community and other COIs to ensure freedom of action in the space domain.

* Document and provide statistical trends and reports on EMI events related to Protected, Wideband, Narrowband, and Commercial SATCOM.

* Support activities to partner with commercial companies to identify EMI detection and characterization technologies and identify geolocation services to resolve EMI events.

* Provide support to integrate detection and characterization capabilities into a SATCOM/EMI common operation picture (COP) facilitating SATCOM spectrum situational awareness, streamlining identification and reporting processes, and improving SATCOM interference resolution services.

* Assist in the development of CONOPS, CDD, and CPD; and provide analysis, engineering, and administrative support for Annual Joint SATCOM Working Groups.

What you will need to have:

* Active TS with SCI eligibility

* Bachelors in computer science, information technology, or electrical engineering

* 5 years of relevant experience in military SATCOM systems (UHF/SHF/EHF) and related systems

* 5 years of relevant experience in SATCOM EMI and geolocation

* Familiarity with USSTRATCOM organization desired

* Familiarity with Joint processes, operations, and commands.

* Critical thinking skills, both qualitatively and quantitatively

* Ability to communicate effectively, both written and verbal

* Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task

* Strong technical and analytical skills

* Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Equal Opportunity Employer: minority/female/disabled/veteran.

Equal Opportunity Employer: disability/veteran.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status