System Administrator

The Macalan Group Colorado Springs, CO
Seeking a System Administrator for a new and growing IT shop located in Colorado Springs, CO. This System Administrator will be responsible for a wide array of IT tasks. An ability to wear multiple hats (not literally) and have a strong work ethic, communication, and desire to learn.

Key Responsibilities:

* Managing user accounts and groups in an Active Directory environment

* Deployment of client desktops (Build, configure, and join to the domain)

* Deployment and management of Windows Server and Linux machines

* Firewall IDS, SSL VPN, and S2S VPN management

* Group Policy design and management

* Project work including (but not limited to) setting up proxys, patch management, and automation

* Network monitoring

* Upgrade and patch client and server systems for security compliance

* Maintain and test backups and backup appliances

* Asset inventory and management

* Generate reports from the telephony system and create Excel workbooks from the data

* Maintain IVR scripts

* General administration of telephony system and best practices

* Adhere to all company policies, procedures and safety standards

This role will NOT involve travel.

Desired working knowledge:

* Packet capture such as Wireshare or Nmap for SIP troubleshooting

* UNIX/Linux experience with flavors such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora

* Ability to navigate a Linux shell and know some of the following commands: df –h, grep, tar

* Database queries, maintenance plans, backups, as well as testing and restoration

* Experience with virtual machines such as VMWare ESXi or VirutalBox OSE

* Network experience with firewalls, switches, and VPN tunnels. Fortigate, Sophos, Juniper, and/or Palo Alto experience is a plus

Desired education and skill set:

* 3-5 years of experience in Systems Administration and IT.

* Team player with a positive attitude to career development and new opportunities

* Time management and the ability to prioritize tasks and set deadlines

* Working knowledge with Windows Server and Linux operating systems

* Bachelor's degree or relevant work experience

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