Software Engineer - Cloud Services
Quantum Metric
 Colorado Springs, CO
Who are we? 
Quantum Metric is a Digital Intelligence Platform, uniting DevOps, Product, and Marketing teams around actionable insight and analytics into their customer experience data. We believe that in order to make and benchmark effective decisions, companies need to have deep insight into their customers, and that belief has shaped our company from day one. To that end, we provide a platform of analytics tools driven by ML insights as well as behavioral analysis.

What will you do? 
As a Cloud Services Engineer, you will be creating and refining the services that drive both our infrastructure and end-user applications. We work with Go, TypeScript, Kubernetes, GraphQL, Kafka, MySQL/MariaDB, and Google Cloud Platform services, but we believe in using the right tool for the job. Our services ingest and expose mountains of experience and analytics data to Quantum Metric applications as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ll own features and be an integral part of a DevOps culture where you’ll be responsible for building, deploying, and maintaining parts of the application.

Who are you? 
You love developing software. Whether you’re starting your career, or you’ve been doing your thing for decades, your passion for building with code is palpable. You are particularly fond of building and using distributed systems to solve problems at scale. You love building applications and tooling on top of Kubernetes, and you know what it takes to operate a reliable service using tools like Prometheus and Grafana.

While you’re a developer with a passion for writing good code, you also enjoy brainstorming sessions with your peers and product owners to discover the best solution to a problem. You see the importance of providing input and considering the points-of-view of those around you. At the end of the day, you enjoy being part of a healthy team culture that practices mutual respect.


  • You are skilled with Go or have experience in Python, C++, Java, or a similar language and are willing to learn quickly.
  • You have built GraphQL frontend APIs and gRPC service APIs
  • You subscribe to the DevOps mindset and are as comfortable scripting Linux systems with Bash as you are monitoring the key performance indicators of your service with Prometheus and Grafana.
  • You have built large-scale applications on top of Kubernetes, maybe even K8s controllers and operators.
  • You also have familiarity with both SQL and NoSQL systems (we use Redis and Cassandra/ScyllaDB).
  • Proficiency with TypeScript or JavaScript is another plus, as much of our stack is Node.js powered.
  • You’re curious and self-motivated, so you’re probably really familiar with a variety of different tech. We understand the value of learning continuously and expanding out of your comfort zone.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Code School Certification or equivalent
  • Experience with Go, TypeScript/JavaScript, Kubernetes and MySQL/MariaDB
  • Experience automating workflows with various scripting languages


  • Experience with Google Cloud, specifically GKE and BigQuery
  • Using technologies like Kafka or Google Cloud PubSub to build event-driven systems
  • Experience with Redis and Cassandra/ScyllaDB ot other NoSQL databases
About Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric is a venture-backed startup that recently raised a $25MM Series A round of funding from Insight Venture Partners, a top-tier NY-based firm. The company has amazing client success stories at enterprise-scale that have helped validate our product-market fit and provided compelling examples of our business value proposition.

The typical Quantum Metric customer achieves a full investment payback within three months of beginning to use our real-time digital intelligence platform and, on average, a 376% ROI over three years. We’re thoughtfully scaling out our team to add outstanding talent that is equally passionate about being part of a team that is fast-paced, innovative and values passion, honesty, persistence, and curiosity.

We’re offering you the opportunity to develop your career in a tech space ripe for disruption. If all of this inspires you, then what are you waiting for? Talk to us today!