Garden of the Gods Club Colorado Springs, CO
Position Summary: To maintain the cleanliness, safety, and aesthetic appearance of the entire grounds.

Essential Functions:

* Inspects entire grounds for debris and removes.

* Sweeps or blows roadside, walkways, parking lots and tennis courts.

* Mowing trimming and blowing of all turf areas around the resort.

* Planting weeding mulching all flower beds around the resort.

* Edging of walkways, flowerbeds and curbs throughout the property.

* Power washing all hardscape areas.

* Assists with any improvement projects.

* Use of many common grounds maintenance power tools including mowers, trimmers, blowers, etc.

* Empties public trash receptacles. Replaces trash can liners.

* Use of hand tools including rakes, brooms, shovels, sod knifes etc.

* Assists with irrigation system repairs and maintenance.

* Any and all grounds maintenance activities deemed necessary by the Superintendent.

Position Requirements:

Minimum Knowledge: Requires basic employment skills in clerical, service, or manual areas. Grounds maintenance experience is helpful but not required. Horticultural experience preferred.

Formal Education and Job-Related Experience: This position requires a minimum formal education of some high school and a minimum of less than six months job-related experience.

License, Registration, and/or Certification Required: Valid driver's license

External and Internal Personal Contact:

Communications Daily: Verbal and Written

Occasionally: Participating in meetings

Teamwork and Collaboration: This job is part of a formal work team within the department.

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