Quality Inspector

Trinity Industries Inc Clinton, IL
Trinity Structural Towers, Inc. is searching for a Quality Inspector at our Clinton, IL, location.

Our quality inspectors are committed to providing the highest quality wind towers. As a Quality Inspector at Trinity Industries, you'll provide visual/measured inspections/tests of materials/products to ensure conformance with standards and determine if products meet all requirements. You'll also complete inspection records, and report and follow appropriate codes and regulations.

Trinity Structural Towers, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of structural wind towers in North America.

What you'll do:

* Perform inspection of finished product

* May inspect incoming materials or plates, outgoing materials, or fittings and welds throughout the manufacturing process

* May apply singular inspection process, such as hydrostatic tests

* May perform x-ray, destructive, or nondestructive examination to verify specified dimension, strengths and other quality factors using measuring instruments and inspection equipment

* May perform magnetic particle inspection

* Complete inspection records and reports

* Follow all safety rules and practices

* May be involved in safety committees or initiatives

* Perform other duties as assigned

What you'll need:

* A minimum of 1 year of experience

* The ability to proficiently utilize inspection tools and measuring equipment

* Certified in 2 NDE inspection methods

* Qualified as Weld Inspection Specialist