Heating Service Technician

Irving Oil Corp. Claremont, NH
Job Title

Heating Service Technician

Job Description

* Analyses all factors of a problem from all relevant sources

* Modifies existing methods to find non-apparent solutions

* Applies creative approaches to addressing needs to achieve win-win solutions

* Probes to get at underlying issues with tact and diplomacy (Tech III and up)

* Demonstrates ability to effectively think and respond to different situations

* Develops ways to do work more effectively and shares with others

* Demonstrates understanding of our products and services

* Creates extended networks and draws on relationships (Tech II and up)

* Encourages contributions from all team members

* Openly confronts issues, does not rationalize shortfalls, is accountable

* Conveys a sense of urgency and moves issues to closure through effective planning and prioritizing of activities

* Is action oriented and is focused on achieving challenging goals and objectives

* Demonstrates no patience for non-value added tasks and activities, constantly seeking to eliminate unnecessary work (tact and diplomacy and up)

* Analyzes and evaluates required information and data related to own area of responsibility

* Utilize industry/company "best practices"/manufacturer and tools to troubleshoot customer issues

* Recommends and ensures that the customer is aware of the best solution for their issue i.e. Fix problem, put in a new part of replace the equipment. (Tech II and up)

* Conducts defined work assignments. Handles short term tasks. Responsible for meeting assigned inventory budgeted levels. May participate in projects with specific assigned tasks. Mitigates risk by following defined related procedures and organizational policies

Job Requirements - Work Experience

Job Requirements - Education


Claremont, NH