Activities Director

Midwest Health City of Leawood, KS
The Activities Director performs duties involving the planning and implementation of an activity program which meets physical, mental and psychosocial needs and interests of residents.

The following is a general list of key job duties and responsibilities in your position. The list is not to be considered inclusive and you will be required to perform other duties/responsibilities as assigned by an authorized supervisor.

Duties and Responsibilities

* Comply with the Facility's personnel, safety, and corporate policies and procedures.

* Report witnessed or reported allegations of resident abuse/neglect immediately to the Administrator, Director of Nursing or Unit Manager.

* Treat residents, family members, visitors, and team members with respect and dignity.

* Maintain the confidentiality of all resident and family information.

* Report to work on time and as scheduled.

* Responsible for planning and implementing activities to meet resident's specific needs, including large groups, small groups and individual participation.

* Maintain documentation as required by State and Federal regulations.

* Responsible for input on Minimum Data Set, participation in plan of care and other assessments and updates.

* Responsible for delivering the residents mail, news letters and other facility information.

* Coordinated recruitment, retention and involvement of volunteers with residents.

* Coordinate community involvement in the facility.

* Plan staff functions and activities to increase staff morale.

* Monitors personal and staff compliance to all State and Federal regulations including blood borne pathogens, infection control, use of hazardous material and fire safety.

* Monitors personal and staff compliance to Residents' Rights.

* Help coordinate restorative programs that enhance the residents' lives and allows them to reach their highest practical level of physical and psycho-social well-being.


Key Job/Physical Requirements

The following is a general list of key job/physical requirements for your position. The list is not to be considered inclusive and other job/physical requirements may be necessary as deemed by the Facility.

* Must have basic computer skills.

* If required to operate a motor vehicle for business purposes, must successfully complete the requirements contained in Company's Motor Vehicles policy.

* Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.

* Must be able to work beyond normal working hours and on weekends and holidays when necessary.

* Must be able to assist in the evacuation of residents during emergency situations.

* Must be able to perform the essential position functions of the job with, or without reasonable accommodation.

* Must be able to meet the general health requirements set forth by State regulations and Company policy which may include medical and physical examinations.

* Must be able to push, pull, move, and/or lift a minimum of 30 pounds to a minimum height of 3 feet and be able to push, pull, move, and/or carry such a weight a minimum distance of 4 feet.

* Must be able to bend, stoop, kneel, crouch, perform overhead lifting, and perform other common physical movements as needed for your position.

* Must be able to relate to and work with the ill, disabled, elderly, emotionally upset, and, at times, hostile people within the Facility.

* Must be able to see and hear or use prosthetics that will enable these senses to function adequately to ensure that the requirements of this position can be fully met.

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