SOCIAL WORKER I or Clinical Counselor - LISW or LPCC required - school-based therapist at Lakota East float position - LISW
 Cincinnati, OH

SUBFUNCTION DEFINITION: Therapists who diagnose and then treat individuals who have mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders.


Psychosocial Assessment

Performs psychosocial assessments taking into consideration family, social, and medical history. Maintains current knowledge of medical and mental health diagnosis. Report suspicions of abuse and neglect to legally mandated authorities for investigations. Completes documentation with accuracy and clarity

Resource Support

Collaboration with the health care team in the development of a treatment plan and assisting in the identification of appropriate resources to support the interventions. Collaboration with patient/family/caregivers to identify appropriate resources to support the needed interventions Maintain fluent knowledge of internal and external resources. Provide real time accurate information to patient/family/caregiver for resources for which they are eligible. Provide condition-specific and related medical, financial, educational, and social supportive resource information. Evaluates effectiveness of clinical interventions and make changes as needed

Psychosocial Interventions

Provide psychosocial services as identified in the patient's comprehensive plan of care. Provides supportive counseling with the goal of improving emotional coping and adherence to the treatment plan. Education of the patient/family/caregiver and members of the health care team about treatment options. Provide self-management support to high risk/complex patients/families to increase their skills and confidence to manage their chronic care conditions at home. Provide groups and programs for special populations as needed. Provide anticipatory guidance and planning to reduce or eliminate psychosocial barriers to discharge. Coordinate and facilitate family centered care team meetings. Provide crisis assessment and interventions to patients/families/caregivers with the goal of restoring equilibrium .Collaborate with referral sources and health care team members.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Working for system improvement, promoting patient/family/caregiver well-being. Identify and advocate for the needs of the patient/families/caregivers within the healthcare system and community. Act as a liaison between the patient/family/caregiver within the medical team and outside agencies. Act as the mediator as needed with in the medical team on behalf of the patient/family/caregiver. Empower the patient/family/caregiver to problem-solve by exploring options of care when available and alternative plans, when necessary, to achieve desired outcomes. Facilitate communication and coordination between members of the health care team while involving the patient/family/caregiver in the decision making process in order to minimize fragmentation of services.


Partner with the patient, family, healthcare team in the safe transition of care to the next, most appropriate level. Educates health care professionals and or students on the psychosocial aspects of patient care and the role and function of social work. Promotes a positive work environment. Participates in professional growth opportunities. Attend divisional, team, institution meetings/conferences, and in-service programs to develop skills.



  • Master's degree in Social work AND Current LISW license with the State of Ohio Counselor and Social Work Board.
  • Current License to Practice in State
  • 2 – 5 years’ work-related experience

Clinical Counselor requirements:

  • Master's degree in Clinical Counseling
  • May require clinical license, certification or training
  • 2-5 years’ work-related experience


Unique Skills: