REP I-PATIENT ACCESS - FT/Psychiatry M F; 8:45am to 5:15pm or last patient
 Cincinnati, OH

SUBFUNCTION DEFINITION: Responsible for the timely registration of patients for in-patient and emergency services. Provide Administrative/Operational support for all Emergency Services care teams and patients. Responsible for routing medical information from hospitals, physicians, law enforcement agencies, and public safety officials to Emergency Medical Services personnel.


·Customer Service

Provides assistance and services to patients, families, staff and external agencies in the accurate completion of patient registration, admission and scheduling. Investigates and resolves customer requests, questions or problems according to CCHMC policies and procedures. Contacts outside representatives to request information or assistance in resolving problems.

·Revenue Cycle Support

Supports the Revenue Cycle, Health Information Management, and Regulatory by ensuring that the necessary data, information and forms are obtained and accurately entered into the appropriate system. Talks to management to explain system errors or to recommend changes to the system.


Ensures patient safety by identifying the correct patient. identifying special needs and preparing isolation precautions for patients who have Infectious Disease indicators.


Maintains confidentiality, protects and safeguards patient/family personal medical and financial information at all times during collection, use and storage. Access only information and records necessary to perform the responsibilities ofyourthe position.


Completes and authenticates all documents and questionnaires that ensure compliance with regulatory agencies (JCAHO, CMS, ODH)



· High school diploma or equivalent

· No directly related experience


Unique Skills:


Computer and Windows software application proficient. Keyboarding/typing/mouse proficient