Westside Justice Center VISTA Attorney

Americorps Chicago, IL
The Westside Justice Center (WJC) is a community-centered organization that promotes a holistic approach to justice by: 1) Facilitating legal literacy to reduce recidivism; 2) Providing legal and quasi- legal assistance to individuals; and 3) Establishing and nurturing community trust through restorative justice practices. Formed in 2015 by a group of attorneys, community leaders and legal advocates, WJC provides holistic, client oriented legal services. Holistic Legal service is an innovative approach to justice which center the individual. To support the individual in achieving a promising life trajectory, WJC addresses a myriad of issues, such as educational gaps, barriers to employment, access to benefits and more. We employ a multidisciplinary approach and connect individuals with resources and services. Our work addresses underlying socio-economic issues as a preemptive measure to court involvement and its collateral consequences.WJC services support individuals in navigating social vs. legal issues, through interviews, case reviews and coaching. Our case management takes a problem solving approach, where we assist individuals in determining the best course of action to overcome hardships and achieve their objectives. We employ different practices such as alternative dispute resolution and restorative justice practices, support individuals in pro se proceedings and connect clients to resources and opportunities using our referral network of affordable legal services, partner organizations and other agencies. We believe communities who use legal and justice systems to their benefit are better able to address structural barriers and reduce the risk of violence. By addressing underlying social and structural conditions, communities create a better environment for young persons, provide support to families and enhance social capital and informal social control mechanisms.

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Homelessness , Community Outreach , Technology , Ex-Offender Reentry , Community and Economic Development . Skills :

Writing/Editing , Communications , Team Work , Conflict Resolution , Law , General Skills , Community Organization , Counseling.