York Solutions LLC Chicago, IL

VP, Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO)

Chicago, Illinois

York Solutions is looking for a VP, Enterprise Project Management Office for a local client. This key role sets and implements the strategic vision for the Project Management Office, including execution of Project and Portfolio Management functions, Deployment, Release Management, and administration, support and improvement of the Software Development Life Cycle. This includes setting strategy, insuring staff adherence to the Project Management Methodology and associated policies and procedures, thus insuring projects and programs are planned, executed and delivered in a timely and efficient manner. Delivery includes the planning of the releases, supporting the deployment of the code base, and post implementation lessons learned.

Possesses strong leadership capabilities to lead and direct teams and efforts, including proven ability to build successful and effective project teams, leading team decision-making processes, and fostering an environment of healthy team debate, collaboration and growth.

About York:

For more than 20 years, York Solutions has been singularly focused on delivering value to its clients in the form of IT contract resource selection, deployment, and management.

Our mission is to provide creative, cutting edge IT solutions to help companies achieve business, technology, and operational goals and objectives. We believe strongly in creating a true partnership approach with our clients and consultants that fosters a long-term, trust-based relationship.

York is committed to providing high-level service and value to our clients and consultants. In that vein, York Solutions has developed a peer-to-peer professional development association called *Think IT* that we are often told by members, is *second to none.* This association consists of well over 2,400 members in 8 different groups from the local IT leadership and technical community within the Twin Cities, as well as over 370 members in Chicago.

In addition to monthly group meetings encompassing all aspects of IT technical and leadership principles, members of Think IT Association are able to participate in a comprehensive mentorship program for all IT resources, from the highly technical to the most senior leadership talent. This program is designed to assist all levels of IT professionals in achieving their career goals.

Recruiter Jeff Beeks