Geologist 1

Arcadis Chicago, IL
Job Description

Arcadis is seeking an ambitious, hardworking, dependable Geologist or Environmental Scientist to join our Chicago area staff. This entry level full-time position requires attention to detail, teamwork, ability to perform fieldwork, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and independence. Responsibilities will include various activities in support of diverse environmental assessment and restoration projects within a team environment.

This position requires both field and office work; the successful candidate should expect to be out in the field 30-50% of the time Fieldwork may be performed at project sites with environmental media (e.g., soil, sediment, groundwater, surface water, etc.) that has been impacted with hazardous substances and/or hazardous wastes. Ability to travel for an extended duration (2 to 3 weeks) is required.

Duties will include a combination of field and office related tasks and will likely include some travel.

* Working effectively with one or more project teams

* Technical report writing

* Conducting project-related research (historical data, regulations, etc.)

* Conducting on-site assessments at various facilities and properties

* Installation of soil borings and monitoring wells

* Field sampling of groundwater, soil, and other environmental media

* Field data collection, analysis, and interpretation

* Preparation of visual, graphical, and tabular summaries of environmental data and trends

* Preparing cost estimates and proposals

* Coordinating work schedules with subcontractors

* Overseeing subcontractors

Required Qualifications

* Bachelor's degree in Geology, Science, or related discipline

* Proficiency with conventional software programs

* Technical writing skills

* Relevant coursework or work experience

Preferred Qualifications

* Master's degree

* Previous industry, consulting, or regulatory internship experience

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