St. Luke's Hospital
 Chesterfield, MO

Posting Details

PRN Night Shift ($17/hr.)


Responsible for food preparation utilizing multi ingredient/multi-step recipes requiring advanced cooking techniques to produce food in proper quantity meeting quality standards. Assesses recipe for accuracy, identifies discrepancies that impact recipe results and recommendations changes. Manages resources to reduce waste. Maintains food safety by properly handling food throughout all phases of preparation and storage. Performs duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with our mission and values.

Principle Accountabilities: % of Time Spent

1. Prepares the specific food items on the menu according to standardized recipes. 55%

a. Prepares assigned foods as per the Production & Catering sheets assignments.

b. Assesses ingredients to ensure quality and freshness. Reports any deviations of product standards.

c. Handles & prepares foods within HACCP guidelines.

d. Prepares foods according to recipe accurately following ingredient listing amounts & production method. Meets production time line & product quality standards for bulk and/or batch cooking method required for designated foods.

e. Identifies and reports recipe concerns and/or problems when product does not meet quality standards. Make suggestions for change.

f. Accurately scales recipe ingredients to produce number of portions required.

g. Portions product to proper pans for designated location and places in proper storage location to meet serving / pick up time.

h. Records amounts of product produced & amounts returned after service.

i. Utilizes a wide variety of cooking equipment and utensils in safe and effective manner.

2. Maintains food safety, personal safety & sanitary work area. 20%

a. Ensure food is maintained under proper conditions during all stages of production & storage. Follows the HACCP guidelines when handling food items to avoid the temperature danger zone of 41°F-135°F.

b. Adheres to sanitation standards of personal hygiene.

c. Adheres to sanitation standards for equipment sanitation.

d. Cleans & sanitizes work area.

e. Maintains work area to department standards.

f. Assists where and when needed to meet overall department standards for sanitation.

3. Reports all unsafe conditions or equipment to Production Supervisor. 5%

a. Identifies spills, faulty equipment & reports immediately

b. Identifies improper use of equipment & reports immediately

c. Utilizes equipment properly to attain safe food product & maintain personal safety.

d. Reports all injuries to a supervisor immediately.

4. Requisitions supplies from storeroom. 5%

a. Reviews production sheets and menus, list needed items.

b. Completes storeroom request form, in a timely manner.

c. Verifies accuracy of item obtained from storeroom

5. Reduces Waste 5%

a. Identifies creative ideas to incorporate leftovers into menus per supervisor’s approval.

b. Records unusable food items in the WASTE LOG and obtains permission from the production supervisor or lead to dispose of product.

c. Stores all leftovers properly covered, labeled, dated & properly put away within the allowable time frame.

6. Personal Effectiveness 5%

a. Completes all required training for the Department.

b. Participates in working towards attaining department goals & targets

c. Works well with change makes suggestions for improvement. Gives feedback & input.

d. Communicates information clearly & in timely manner.

e. Address problems with appropriate person.

f. Utilizes time & supplies effectively.

8. Performs other work duties as assigned. 5%

Total 100%


High school graduate or GED preferred


Must be able to read, write and do some math.

Experience in volume cooking required 3 yrs.

Needs general knowledge of special diets and HACCP guidelines.

The assessment, care and treatment provided by Food and Nutrition Services will be consistent with the specific age related needs of the patient. Food and Nutrition Services is competent to provide nutritional care for patient age groups including neonates/infants, children, adolescents, adults and geriatric adults.

Working Conditions

Employee is required to stand and walk continuously. Employee could lift/carry a light (1-20 lbs.) to medium (21-50-lbs.) load occasionally. Employee may be required to lift over 100 lbs. with assistance. Employee is occasionally required to bend, squat, crawl, kneel, climb, and lift waist to overhead. Employee is occasionally required to reach forward and reach overhead. For repetitive action, employee is required to use both hands for simple grasping and pushing/pulling. Employee is exposed to the following environmental conditions: temperature changes (heat, cold, wet, and damp) and noise continuously; and fumes, electrical hazards and confined to small areas frequently.

(Occasionally: 1-33%, Frequently: 34-66%, Continuously: 67-100%)

The most significant of duties are included but this does not exclude occasional work assignments not mentioned or developmental duties.

Job Relationships: Member is a comprehensive healthcare team, including other healthcare providers, the patient, the patient’s family and significant others.

Takes direction from: Asst. Production Supervisor, Supervisor-Catering/Production, Manager-Retail/Catering/Production, Director, Adm. Dietitian

Provides direction to: Food Service Assistants

Supervised by: Supervisor-Catering/Production



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