St Luke's Hospital of Chesterfield MO
 Chesterfield, MO


Provides nursing and related services which enable each resident/client to attain or maintain their highest practical level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being. Performs duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with our mission and values.

Principle Accountabilities: % Of Time Spent

  • Serves as preceptor for healthcare students and staff in orientation. 2%
  • Provides assistance with activities of daily living (ADL's). 71%
  • Obtains vital signs; Height & Weight; Intake/Output accurately and timely. 2%
  • Collects specimens accurately and timely. 2%
  • Acknowledges and reports evidence of pain/discomfort of resident/client and implements appropriate interventions. 5%
  • Observes and reports residents'/clients' response to basic care, procedures and treatments. 4%
  • Offers additional assistance to team as needed. 10%
  • Provides post mortem care in accordance with policy and resident's/client's spiritual needs. 2%
  • Performs other work duties as assigned. 2% Total 100%

Professional Standards:

  • Performs work in ethical manner.
  • Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner.
  • Protects and maintains the residents'/clients' privacy and the confidentiality of Private Health Information and all other confidential information.
  • Respects residents' rights at all times.
  • Responds promptly to residents'/clients' needs.
  • Keeps updated of current developments regarding residents/clients and policies.
  • Adheres to dress code and presents neat, clean, professional appearance.
  • Follows State and Federal Regulation.
  • Provides accurate, comprehensive report to oncoming CNAs.
  • Provides accurate, comprehensive report to nurse in timely manner.
  • Documentation is complete, timely and legible (Ex: Bowel Movements, Bladder/Bowel Retraining, I/O, Vital signs).
  • Continually assesses care needs of residents/clients accurately and notifies nurse as necessary.
  • Follows residents'/clients' plan of care.
  • Advises Nurse/Care Plan Coordinator of need to change care plan when necessary.
  • Exhibits safety with ambulation and transferring of residents/clients using gait belt and/or lifts.
  • Maintains safe resident/client care environment.
  • Recognizes emergency codes and implements appropriate emergency procedures.
  • Has knowledge of location and use of policy and procedure manuals including MSDS information.
  • Reports all resident/client, employee and visitor incidents to nurse.
  • Follows Standard Precautions and infection control guidelines.
  • Utilizes time efficiently by prioritizing and planning work activities.
  • Looks for opportunities to provide care that is more resident/client directed.
  • Utilizes supplies appropriately.
  • Follows skin care protocol.
  • Identifies opportunities to improve processes and is willing to participate in the implementation of solutions that improve quality and/or efficiency within the department.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.
  • Requirements for job: - Maintains current certification as a Certified Nurse Assistant. - Maintains CPR certification. - Obtains at least 12 hours of inservice/continuing education annually.


The assessment, care and treatment provided by the Certified Nurse Assistant will be consistent with the specific age related needs of the patient. The Certified Nurse Assistant is competent to care for patient age groups including the adult and geriatric patient.

Working Conditions

Employee is required to sit occasionally and stand frequently. Employee must lift/carry a light (1-20 lbs.) occasionally and medium (21-50 lbs.) load occasionally, with assistance. Employee is occasionally required to bend, squat, crawl, kneel, climb, lift waist to overhead. Employee is frequently required to reach forward and reach overhead. Employee is required to use both hands for simple grasping and pushing/pulling. Employee is occasionally exposed to electrical hazards and CRT terminal work. Employee is required to lift and carry supplies. (Occasionally: 1-33%, Frequently: 34-66%, Continuously: 67-100%) The most significant of duties are included but this does not exclude occasional work assignments not mentioned or developmental duties.



Faithful to our Episcopal-Presbyterian heritage and its ministry of healing, St. Luke's is dedicated to improving the health of the communities we serve.

Using talents and resources responsibly, we provide high quality, safe care with compassion, professional excellence and respect for each other and those we serve.


As an independent healthcare network, we create healthy communities in the region through our commitment to high quality, safe and personalized services.


Human Dignity

We accept and treat all persons as being created in the image of God.


We respond with caring to the needs of others as if they were members of our family.


We honor each person's rights and responsibilities in light of the common good.


We set and strive to attain high standards of performance and continuous improvement.


We use our talents and resources wisely, with honesty and integrity.

FACES - Friendly - Available - Caring - Efficient - Safe Communication Standards: Promotes and provides courteous and effective communication with internal and external customers.