Customer Support Technician

EPB Chattanooga, TN


Customer Support Technician is responsible for the functions necessary to perform analysis and troubleshooting via telephone, emails, web chats for EPB's voice, video, and Internet services. Focus is on 100% customer satisfaction, and demonstrated through talking and responding to customers, clients, contractors, and vendors about products and resolving their issues and/or problems therein.


* Provide support to operations with day to day maintenance issues and escalate real time complex technical issues to appropriate level and/or vendor and contractor, only after exhausting all means of handling within and taking into consideration the financial impact of the company.

* Coordinate the clearance and correction of trouble for RF and IPTV, Internet access and telephone services.

* Communicate with customers using in-depth interviews to solve service issues.

* Work continuously on a task until completion or referral to third parties if appropriate. Follow-up and be sure issues are resolved and customer is satisfied.

* Prioritize and manage several open issues via different media at one time.

* Process trouble reports using mechanized systems with accurate documentation of customer interaction and the engagement of internal and external support teams as necessary.

* Support new applications.

* Communicate effectively with other Support Technicians, departments, and customers regarding disposition and status of trouble.

* Identify and troubleshoot recurring problems to find permanent solutions.

* Position EPB as provider of choice.

* Available to work first, second, and/or third shift; Work overtime 70% of the time when asked.


* Any combination of education and work experience equivalent to graduation from high school, and/or any other combination of education, training or experience that provides the required technical knowledge, technical skills, and technical abilities. One year related experience or training in a technical environment.

* Experience with:

* Computer hardware/software support with Windows XP, Windows 2000, IE 5.5 and higher, Microsoft.

* Other commonly used commercial products (including Microsoft Office), strong Microsoft Outlook skills.

* Antivirus Software – familiarity with the function and operation of popular antivirus software suites.

* Microsoft Excel basic skill in cell formatting, simple equations, protecting cells and work sheets from accidental changes, efficient data entry for repetitive action.

* Telecommunications equipment and terminology such as SONET, phone switches, DACs, packet switches, routers, DSX panels, customer premise equipment.

* Task-focused and capable of accepting interruptions, prioritizing changes, and completing tasks in a timely and detail oriented manner.

* Self-motivated with a can do attitude.

* Strong working knowledge of common technical issues to offer support when needed.

* Demonstrate professionalism and optimism via verbal communications with peers and end-users.

* Excellent customer service, oral and written communication, interpersonal, problem solving, and teamwork skills.


Ability to work day and night including weekends. Must be able to sit, stand, walk, talk, and communicate effectively for long hours in a call center type of environment. Includes a lot of written and verbal communication via computer and telephone. Also, must follow established safety practices and procedures.