Ball-Chatham School District 5 Chatham, IL
Title: Paraprofessional

Reports To: Building Administrator

Responsibilities: Classroom and individual aides are employed by the Ball-Chatham CUSD #5 to assist the classroom teacher in providing a safe and healthy environment for students and to assist in instructional matters as assigned. The designated building administrator in consultation with the classroom certified teacher supervises aides and assistants.

Duties may include, but not limited to the following:

* Assist students as they arrive at school if necessary. This will include assisting students as they board and deboard the school bus, and may be outdoors.

* Assist students to safely move about and /or interact in a safe and appropriate manner during the school day.

* Assist students with personal hygiene such as, but not limited to, hand washing and toileting.

* Assist students in academic instruction as assigned by the certified teacher or IEP Case Manager.

* Assist the teacher or supervisors in all areas required creating a positive, safe and academically challenging learning environment.

* In conjunction with the IEP Case Manager, assist with specific identified components of an IEP. (Relating to assigned student)

* Under teacher supervision, contribute to the home/school communication procedures.

* Monitors risk/safety conditions for students.

* Other duties as assigned.

NOTE: In the day-to- day environment, assistants or aides may be required to lift, carry, move or restrain children.

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