Senior Research and Development Chemist, Textiles
The Chatham Group
 Charlotte, NC

Job Title: Senior Research and Development Chemist, Textiles

Location Charlotte, NC

Reports to: R&D Manager Performance Chemicals, Textiles

(New Position)

Purpose of the Job

  • Responsible for development of new and/or improved products in the Textile Auxiliaries portfolio. Emphasis on quality, value added benefits and cost contributing to the Company’s profitability.
  • Proactively identifies areas of focus for future growth and opportunities, as well as maintaining current business and textile products.

Job Tasks and Business Decisions

  • This position will develop unique, novel chemistry focusing on creative specialty solutions that satisfy desired market outcomes.
  • Focus market is Textiles Auxiliaries (softeners, levelling agents, pH adjusters, dispersants, wetting aids, lubricants, anti-migrants, anti-microbials, defoamers, etc.), with the understanding of textile chemistry.
  • Develop product designs centered on specifically stated market segment unmet needs. Benchmarking and Internal prototype development utilizing customer stated testing protocols and equipment to properly measure achievement of desired outcome(s).
  • Understand connection between the construction of a product and the impact other variables have on end-use performance. Have full knowledge of laboratory equipment and application test methods for core focused market segments
  • Design and carry out required lab experiments to study initial feasibility through final process optimization, application testing and shelf life studies. Maintain a neat and accurate notebook of all experimental data.
  • Work independently and with sales, marketing and production to identify, justify and commercialize R&D projects for new products, cost reductions, improved product quality and to ensure HS&E compliance
  • Define the required product / raw material specifications and work with QC on test method development.
  • Coordinate with manufacturing needed technical supervision and operating procedures for scale up.
  • Assist with production trouble shooting and investigation of customer quality complaints as needed. Candidate should be able to write in details the manufacturing and the quality process.
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions for creative solutions and the monthly portfolio stage-gate process.
  • Prepare customer facing communication materials/presentations for existing and new product launches and in support of technical service requests.
  • Conduct literature searches as required to review technical and patent issues.
  • Complete periodic project status reports and closeout summaries
  • Work closely with sales team, customers and the market in general to stay abreast of common segment unmet needs; monitor technical publications for major scientific / business trends.

Required Experience

  • Bachelors of Science, Master of Science, or Ph.D in chemistry or related field preferred
  • Minimum 7+ years of most recent experience in development textile auxiliary products and processes
  • A solid background in textile chemistry and organic synthesis and in a manufacturing environment is highly desirable
  • Experience in various textile areas is preferred, with extensive knowledge of lab chemistries and instrumentation utilized
  • Ideally, experience with the textile process, from construction and extrusion of fiber, to dyeing of fiber (by various methods), dyebath chemicals, as well as finishing chemicals and processes

Business Impact of the Job

  • Revenue
  • Brand Integrity / Customer Satisfaction
  • Manufacturing Time / Costs
  • Safety and Regulatory