Logistics Account Specialist (39783)

RR Donnelley & Sons Charlotte, NC
Acts as liaison between customer, Operations Management and the transportation vendors. Plans and coordinates transportation in order to achieve the objectives of the service agreement in compliance of customer expectations, company policy, and profit and quality requirements. Capable of handling accounts for more than one customer and may cross industries.


Work is typically performed under general supervision, receiving some guidance from manager/supervisor about the work that needs to be completed. May receive guidance on how to complete some assignments. Able to exercise moderate level of discretion and latitude in completing tasks and prioritizing work. Work is typically completed by following established policies and procedures but may require interpretation to meet unique business needs. Work may be reviewed by senior level staff or by management.

* Oversees the day to day transportation of customer products and routes.

* Direct liaison between customer and transportation vendor

* Performs on site ( vendor locations )vendor audits for security and process compliance as well as spot audits at the customers shipping location as well as endpoint locations.

* Knowledge of customer requirements and provides efficient and economical alternatives when necessary

* Monitors operations throughout the day for performance, communications, and risk management.

* Coordinates delivery of customer-supplied and other production materials

* Maintains active communication with and provides status updates to customer, and Operations Management

* Facilitates resolution of problems, along with daily, weekly and monthly performance reporting

* Establishes and promotes excellent relationships with the customers and vendors.

* Performs other related duties and participates in special projects as assigned.

* Maintains route and schedule database to effect customer billing and vendor payment.

Required Skills

Bachelor degree in discipline related to functional work or role with 3-5 years of relevant work experience OR demonstrated ability to meet the job requirements through a comparable number of years of applicable work experience.

Able to apply broad work experience and knowledge when analyzing complex problems. Must be able consistently identify critical elements, variables and alternatives to develop solutions. Must be able to organize/prioritize existing resources and incorporate new information, as needed, to implement the most effective solutions. Able to communicate clearly and courteously with those who need to know of decisions/actions/problems. Able to apply excellent business acumen and collaborative skills when resolving problems.

Able to apply excellent functional computer knowledge in utilizing Microsoft Windows, or other technical tools in completing assignments. Able to apply expertise in all the tools or applications used to complete work assignments.

Requires excellent communication skills with ability to state messages in a clear manner by using language that is easy for others to understand. Able to explain programs policies and procedures in language that is understood by others. .

Must be able to modify communication style both formal and informal to match the appropriate level of the audience targeted. Requires strong understanding of the impact of a message on the organization or customer. Able to write with the clarity and precision necessary for the work being performed.