Business Analyst

Iconma, L.L.C. Charlotte, NC
Business Analyst

Location: Charlotte, NC

Duration: 12 months

Job Description:

This position will support the Grid Investment Plan, portfolio of programs strategically managed by Grid Solutions and implemented by the Transmission organization.


* Attend Steering Committee (SC) and Executive Committee (EC) meetings and take minutes, record action items

* Create/manage/update Action Item Log for each Committee

* Facilitate the Steering Committee meeting

* Schedule/facilitate meetings with small teams appointed by the SC or EC to resolve and make recommendations back to Committees

* Assist in preparation of PowerPoint slide decks for SC and EC

* Prepare reporting by using raw data from Project Controls and Finance (would need knowledge of pivot tables, graphing, etc.)

Grid Transmission Project Plans by Region:

* Review list of "Grid Eligible" projects for each Region and track when they will begin spending Grid funding based on the high-level graphs.

* Manage list of "Grid Eligible" work for each Region based on changing priorities

* Track a "checkbook" list from each Region of projects/programs. Identify changes that occur month to month to ensure Grid Solutions is being informed of projects moving in or out of the plan.

* Evaluate data each month to determine if there are bottlenecks in Scope/Estimate or Engineering areas of Transmission that need to be brought up at Steering Committee meetings.

Grid Transmission Program Management Plan (PMP):

* Prepare a timeline and/or monitor prepared timeline for completion of the 2018 PMP by 10/02/2018.

* Communicate with those contributing to PMP to ensure they will meet dates and things are on schedule, record/track/communicate any issues

* Prepare a timeline and/or monitor prepared timeline for development and completion of the 2019 PMP by 12/15/2018.

* Work with Governance to help identify and document missing pieces from the 2018 PMP that need to be present in the 2019 PMP (financial info, project/program lists with budget amounts assigned to meet target transfer from Grid to Trans, etc.). Include development of these items in timeline.

* Help prepare communications to Transmission sharing timelines, progress/status, challenges, etc.

Grid Transmission SharePoint Site:

* Help create a Transmission site for Grid to store information related to Governance teams, links to the budget reports, link to the BRP Transmission Info, info on budget target transfer info for the next 5 years, links to reports that are pertinent to Grid/Transmission, and many other things.

* Help identify documents to be loaded, links needed, etc.

* Work with other Grid Mgrs to add links from their pages as appropriate if they have Transmission related work, also to query them on what info they may like to see

* Prepare communication or education to send out to those who will access the page

* Maintain the site with current data, reporting, etc.


* Keep up with rate cases in progress, dates that Transmission info is due, update with new information

* Schedule meetings as needed for Transmission to review info being provided for rate case

* Compare level/detail of info being provided from one rate case to the next and see what lessons learned should be implemented for data supplied for next rate case

* Help prepare list of lessons learned from each rate case to be shared with Transmission

* Understand recovery mechanisms and reporting currently used in Indiana (TDSIC) and Ohio (OTIP)

Change Management/Education:

* Understand and help create ideas for communication/education/information sharing that is needed with Transmission or Telecom groups

* Work with Team to pull together periodic communications to increase understanding and awareness of Grid work

* Help keep track of major milestones so we can send out recognition notes to celebrate good things

* Prepare a monthly newsletter from Grid with information useful to Transmission


* Help keep track of the budget targets in the Transmission jurisdictions

* Work with Project Cost Analyst if targets change and need to be adjusted in budget workbooks each month


* Understand monthly data that is provided from Transmission Project Controls

* Develop/prepare pivot tables and use other computer skills to refine data to share at meetings, etc.

* Prepare charts, graphs, etc. from pivot table data

* Ability to write and prepare presentations in a professional manner for Executives

* Work with Transmission and Grid Finance and reporting orgs to gather data as needed for reports

Capital Prioritization:

* Spend time with Transmission SME's doing assessments for their system to understand how it will relate to the prioritization Grid is doing

* Aid in getting assessments filled out for the Grid model

* Work to better incorporate Transmission info to allow better comparison between other Grid work and the Transmission work that will be done with the target transfer


* Maintain a list of all ongoing Communication programs that tie in to Transmission, either by being budgeted by them in their base work or by execution needs of the Grid Communications team

* Identify major stakeholders for each program and create contact list

* Identify milestone dates when things need to be completed and help ensure these are known by Grid Communications and Telecom folks and get met (i.e. entering work into the PCT by deadlines, etc.)

* Maintain list of issues for each Communications team as it relates to Transmission and an action list of what needs to be done to address to ensure work can move along

FLSA determination:

* This position will have access to potentially sensitive, financial and regulatory information related to client's Grid Investment Plan. Discretion and confidentiality are essential.

Minimum Education Requirements:

* Bachelor's Degree or a combination of education plus equivalent work experience

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