Energy Engineer

Pertan Group Champaign, IL
Description: Demonstrated ability to analyze and verify energy savings

calculations and computer simulations using baseline and retrofit

energy consumption. Perform, verify and monitor technical reviews of

energy efficiency projects and energy efficiency savings calculations.

Demonstrated ability to use engineering judgment, project

management, and communication skills to develop solutions and deliver

results on schedule. Develop standards, methods, policies, processes

and procedures for reviewing, evaluating and inspecting energy

efficiency projects. Provide project management, leadership,

engineering guidance, quality control, and monitor progress of third

party engineering consulting firms that perform technical review of

energy efficiency projects and energy savings calculations. Use

engineering knowledge and judgment to make recommendations to

management for resolving complex and difficult situations. Coordinate

and work with internal and external stakeholders such as engineers,

commercial/industrial customers, and equipment vendors.

Requirements: Works with Management Team - must be able to

interface effectively w/individuals on all levels. - Good Judgment and

evaluation skills - Flexible attitude- Able to Multitask- Project

Management skills a plus- 5 years experience in calculating energy

savings and understanding of commercial and industrial electrical

machines such as motors, chillers, air conditioning, fans, pumps,

industrial processes- Experience with Word and Excel.

Hiring Contact: Sharie Carter-Bane