Relief Youth Counselor
 Centreville, VA


Works with the treatment team to develop and maintain a therapeutic milieu assuring the health, safety, and therapeutic support of all youth. Facilitates and documents various

therapeutic and educational groups in support of each youth’s treatment plan.


  • Responsible for guidance and supervision of assigned youth including, overseeing physical care, developing acceptable habits and attitudes, behavior management, and helping them meet the goals and objectives of any required service plan.
  • Actively participates in the cottage life of assigned youth. Supervises and monitors youth and activities in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Facilitates and documents a variety of therapeutic groups designed to support the youths' treatment plans including but not limited to daily goal setting and evaluation and conflict resolution.
  • Responsible for meal preparation, table setting, meal etiquette, kitchen clean-up, and food storage according to health standards. Teach, coach, and involve youth in above activities.
  • Teaches and models independent living skills including but not limited to cooking, cleaning, and laundering.
  • Provides guidance and direction to youth in a manner that develops and nurtures personal values and a solid system of communication.
  • Uses agency technology (e-mail, Etime, Harmony, Intranet, etc.) to complete documentation and communicate.
  • Accurately completes and maintains documentation such as daily logs, group logs, incident reports, etc. Develops documentation skills as outlined in the Youth Counselor Career Development Plan.
  • Attends and participates in team meetings concerning residents as assigned.
  • Provides crisis intervention for residents, to include the use of approved verbal and physical intervention techniques. Implements the agency's behavior management practices according to policy and procedures. Practices client interaction and conflict management
  • as outlined in the Youth Counselor Career Development Plan.
  • Responds adequately to emergencies and potentially unsafe situations with cottage youths.
  • Demonstrates good interpersonal skills and teamwork as outlined in the Youth Counselor Career Development Plan.
  • Displays dependability by arriving to shifts or meetings early or on time. Practices prudent notification and use of sick time.
  • Serves a role model for youth in the areas of ethics, morals, appearance, spirituality, lifestyle principles, and by using techniques outlined in Foundation Training.