Registered Nurse - Prehospitalization - Part Time
Wyoming Medical Center
 Casper, WY

Requisition Number: REGIS03786

As a pivotal partner within the health care delivery team, the Registered Nurse will ensure the delivery of quality patient care, both individually as well as through leadership and delegation to other team members. The Perioperative RN understands and adheres to the standards and recommended practices of professional perioperative organizations. She/he constantly guards, protects, and provides the patient with advocacy during all perioperative procedures. She/he acts as mentor/instructor and specialty resource. She/he is highly motivated, specialized, and professional in responding to all perioperative situations.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • This position has supervisory responsibilities for Surgical Technicians and CNAs.
  • This position may be assigned to the Charge Nurse role following appropriate training (see Leadership Duties below). When assigned as Charge Nurse, this position has supervisory responsibilities for RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and other clinical staff.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The employee shall comply with all safety and health standards, and all rules, regulations, and orders which are applicable to the individual's own position, actions, and conduct.
  • Performs duties and responsibilities within the scope of a Registered Professional Nurse as defined by the Wyoming Nurse Practice Act and Wyoming Medical Center policies and procedures.
  • Assesses, develops, implements, and evaluates plan of care for the patient, utilizing a holistic approach. Coordinates and provides leadership for optimal patient outcomes in a team format.
  • Performs admission, transfer, and discharge processes according to unit protocols.
  • Collaboratively assesses and develops an education plan for patient and family. Provides education to patient and family as appropriate.
  • Practices quality management according to Joint Commission and OSHA standards and regulatory guidelines.
  • Keeps current on WMC policies and procedures. Reads and utilizes department communications.
  • Maintains confidentiality standards for patients and patient-related information.
  • Transports and/or monitors sedated patients according to WMC policies and procedures.
  • Documents according to WMC policies and procedures.
  • Consistently practices patient safety, including falls prevention and pressure ulcer prevention.
  • Maintains Code of Ethics within practice.
  • Participates in shared governance structures appropriate to responsibilities and interests, to improve nursing practice and patient care. Participates in unit staff meetings and committees.
  • Complies with WMC policies and procedures concerning Advance Directives.
  • Appropriately reports occurrences according to WMC risk management guidelines.
  • Performs required chart audits.
  • Practices pain assessment and management according to WMC protocol.
  • Follows WMC restraint policy.
  • Delegates tasks appropriately.
  • Coordinates patient care, including with ancillary departments. Participates in or coordinates care conferences. Is familiar and collaborates with multi-disciplinary departments involved in patient care.
  • Transcribes and implements physician orders and acts as a resource for others.
  • Administers blood and blood products according to WMC policies and procedures.
  • Administers medications according to WMC policies and procedures.
  • Performs venipuncture and administers IV therapy according to WMC policies and procedures. Acts as resource for information and assistance with IV therapy procedures.
  • Interprets lab results and follows up appropriately.
  • Inserts, maintains, or removes tubes and catheters per WMC policies and procedures.
  • Maintains clean and neat work environment.
  • Mentors new staff.
  • Utilizes basic computer applications and acts as a resource for others.
  • Practices aseptic technique.
  • Practices proper technique in specimen collection, labeling, care, transport, and handling.
  • Follows policy for post-mortem care, including organ donation.
  • Identifies trends and initiates or facilitates problem-solving efforts.
  • Utilizes Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) methodology and tools (FOCUS-PDCA).
  • Utilizes proper body mechanics and follows minimal lift policies and procedures.
  • Follows and promotes a framework for professional nursing practice that incorporates vision, mission, philosophy, core values, evidence-based practice, and standards of practice.
  • Adheres to the American Nurses Association (ANA) social policy statement, and promotes community health and wellness.
  • Routinely uses self-appraisal and peer review, including annual goal setting, for the assurance of competence and professional development.
  • Conducts self in a professional manner, using accountable communication to resolve problems in an open, timely manner. Demonstrates professional relations at all times with patients, families, physicians, co-workers, and the public.
  • Complies with all safety and health standards and all rules, regulations, and orders that are applicable to the nursing position, actions, and conduct.
  • Coordinates and provides leadership in a team setting, and accepts direction when called upon.
  • Recognizes and responds to emergencies in patient status, malfunction of equipment, and daily changes in the schedule. Knows responsibility during Codes and responds appropriately to crisis situations.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in work assignments with regard to volume-driven schedules. Performs duties as assigned by charge nurse, coordinator, or team leader in a timely manner and with responsibility for reporting back on status of assignments.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.