Fire Code Official Temporary Part-time

Town of Cary Cary, NC

Part-time, temporary opportunity for individuals possessing a State of North Carolina Standard Fire Inspector Level I, II, or III certification. This position will work a flexible schedule up to 30 hours per week, performing difficult technical work conducting routine fire inspections, re-inspections, and permit inspections; ensuring compliance with North Carolina Fire Prevention Code and local ordinance.

Work includes considerable public contact in dealing with contractors, architects, homeowners, the general public, and other Town staff.

Work is performed under the general supervision of the Chief Code Enforcement Official - Fire.

Typical Tasks

Inspects all occupancies in various stages of construction to ensure conformance with approved plans and compliance with applicable local, state, and national fire codes, regulations and standards;

Identifies conditions requiring correction or additional inspections; notifies appropriate individuals; issues warnings, citations for violation and stop-work orders if necessary;

Analyzes and approves plans and construction documents for buildings, site, tents, fire protection systems and equipment. Performs Town of Cary express plan review;

Conducts certificate of occupancy inspections with building inspector; assists with other inspection areas as needed;

Plans and conducts fire inspections for violations;

Enters, transcribe, record, and maintain accurate fire inspection data by means of written or electronic form;

Witnesses final approval and acceptance test of all fire protection systems and equipment in any building or structures within the fire code;

Ensures all data needed to complete the risk assessment process is gathered and established in a database; Then forwarded to the suppression division upon issuance of a certificate of occupancy;

Articulates and presents fire code requirements and fire prevention information to architects, contractors, engineers, developers, and the general public;

Represents the Fire group at construction meetings before and during the construction process;

Conducts pre-blasting and open burning site inspections and issues blasting and burning permits; process water flow test paperwork for sprinkler modifications;

Respond to complaints and requests for service for service from the general public;

Respond as needed to natural disasters, large scale emergencies;

Performs other job-related tasks as required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Requires the comprehensive knowledge and ability to interpret and enforce the NC Fire Prevention Code and related NFPA standards with firmness and tact.

Requires thorough knowledge of all types of building construction materials and methods, and stages of construction when possible violations and defects may be most easily observed and corrected; thorough knowledge of state building related codes and regulations; ability to detect inferior construction methods, materials, and hazards that could contribute to fire and/or collapse; ability to accurately read and understand complex plans, specifications, and blueprints and apply that understanding to the construction process; ability to adopt and maintain effective working relationships with building owners, contractors, and the public while using firmness and tact in enforcing building ordinances and code; ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain records; Thorough knowledge of fire suppression and prevention; building plans, specifications, and documents.

Minimum and Preferred Qualifications

Requires possession of a State of North Carolina Standard Fire Inspector Level I, II, or III certification;

Prefers experience in using technology, such as computers, smart phones, lap tops or notebook computers to assist in the job;

Requires a valid driver's license with an acceptable driving record;

Requires drug testing and background check (which may include criminal check, education verification and credit history review) prior to employment.