IT Production Support Coordinator

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Summary: OPENLANE is looking for a Production Support Coordinator (PSC) who will define, analyze, coordinate, and ultimately improve the day to day operations of the OPENLANE Production Support team. The PSC will partner with varied teams to manage and facilitate the resolution of issues to successfully deliver quality services to the service consumers. The PSC will be responsible for Service Level Agreement (SLA) oversight as well as the quality of services provided, relationship management, and vendor performance for a collection of services; IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.

This person will participate in consumer satisfaction, and escalation management across all tiers of issues. The PSC will partner with the IT teams to develop and present reports to facilitate areas of Continuous Improvement (CI), through effective problem resolution. This position involves resource coordination, communication, project management, executive reporting, and collaboration.

The role demands that this person is very punctual and alert, and has excellent organizational skills. The role includes communicating and facilitating many teams on multiple projects simultaneously. Production issues will demand focus and extreme attention, sometimes leading into late nights implementing, monitoring, reporting on, and planning improvements. The workload can be fast paced and stressful, and requires a self-driven individual who can be productive without supervision.

This is a hybrid role between a Support Coordinator and a Technical Analyst. The applicant should be comfortable translating business impact reports into the corresponding technical systems to calculate outcomes of technical adjustments or issues.

Job Description:


* Monitor all incoming alerts and service requests, across many production applications and from multiple sources. Use guidelines to analyze and triage the incoming work and participate in the resource planning and assignment.

* Be first to respond to incidents and coordinate an effective response across services, including specialized response teams, technical infrastructure teams, quality assurance teams, and business operations teams. Such coordination will utilize meetings, emails, phone calls, and other communication systems.

* Will identify impacted technical components based upon issue symptoms and diagnosis. Organize specialists from technical teams to come to a course of action, workaround, or solution.

* Be aware of all work (issues and requests) in the pipeline, including up to the minute status of items. This can often include work from other partner companies or teams that can impact shared Production systems.

* Initiate and lead emergency meetings to facilitate solutions engaging multiple teams, quickly weighing cost and risk analysis to devise an emergency action plan. This also includes distributing companywide notifications, recording timelines, and filing incident reports.

* Coordinate production and non-production maintenance windows as assigned, including planning and communication with partners.

* Identify short & long term Continuous Improvement (CI) activities to improve service delivery.

* Work with appropriate teams (Engineering, IT Services, Service Desk, Quality Assurance, Business Operations, etc.) to build/extend Knowledge Base to extend/refine content toward continuous improvement.

Job Duties:

* Coordinate and resolve all tiers (including critical and/or urgent) issues through effective communication with all associated parties (internal & external).

* Facilitate Production Support team day to day operations across multiple sites and applications. This includes working with teams like Business Operations, Quality Assurance, Engineering, and Service Delivery teams, etc.

* Capture and facilitate best practices to improve efficiency and over-all quality of services delivered by the team. Then organize meeting and knowledge/skill sharing meetings.

* Carefully analyze issue reports to help maintain Production quality and stability, while minimizing risk.

* Have proven leadership skills, with emphasis on collaboration between varied teams, such as business, IT, ENG, and QA teams.

* Be equally adept at people, business, big picture technology understanding and management.

* Possess project management competencies.

* Experience with infrastructure, platform, applications, data analytics, and cloud architectures are desirable.

* This role will be directly responsible for issue workflow steps such as- reproducing issues, identifying key information, clarifying details or information gaps, reviewing technical logs, formulating action and testing plans, communication, and coordinating delivery.

Educational Requirements & Qualifications:

* Bachelor's Degree in related field or equivalent related experience required.

* 5+ years of related IT, Technical Support, Coordination, or Project Management experience required.

* Required Technical Skill - SQL, Intermediate level

* Certifications in related field are strongly desired (i.e. IT, Engineering, Project Management, etc.).


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