Forklift Operator- Weekends Part-Time

Syncreon Carlisle, PA
Job Description

* Work is performed in a traditional warehousing type environment and picking parts according to customer order and placing parts in work areas.

* Reads customer orders, work orders, shipping orders, or documents to determine items to be moved, gathered, distributed and/or shipped.

* Moves items from bulk containers or racks, shelves, or in bins according to a predetermined sequence such as size, type, style, color, or product code.

* Fills requisitions, work orders, or requests for materials or other stock items and places them in designated areas

* Moving materials and items from receiving or storage areas to designated areas via forklift

* Ensures warehouse is clean, safe and accessible

* Scans materials and moves them according to standard work instructions where applicable

* Responsible for completing the Forklift TPM in a timely manner as required

* Assists in the counting and accurate tracking of materials or items received or distributed. May also assist with the physical counting of inventory.

* May be assigned facilities maintenance duties as needed.

* Sweeping, dusting, mopping

* Organizing facility or warehouse and work area for orderliness at all times.

* Performs all other duties as assigned.


* Ability to communicate and deal with a variety of people

* Ability to perform repetitive duties within the designated parameters of standard work and work accurately

* Ability to work with frequent distractions

* Good customer service and interpersonal skills to work with a diverse group of team members

* Prior forklift certification

* Must be able to work weekend shift

* HS diploma or GED


Carlisle, PA