Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) - Analyst - REMOTE LOCATION
Information Services Group
 Caney, KS
The RPA Analyst will work on project-based assignments in small and large teams to deliver automation solutions and services. Services include assessing client needs for automation, delivering proof-of-concept automations, training, software installation, strategic planning and automation implementation consisting of definition, design, build / development, testing and deployment.

Responsibilities / Duties:

• Work as part of a team under the direction of an Engagement Lead to deliver automation consulting services to clients in both onsite and remote settings
• Analyze client needs for automation and develop recommendations on using automation solutions to automate work processes
• Design and deliver proof-of-concept automation solutions to demonstrate the viability of automation in client environments
• Lead, or co-lead, hands-on and non-hands-on training sessions in the use of RPA tools and best practices for using RPA tools to deliver robotic solutions
• Install, or support the installation of, RPA software and tools in client environments
• Participate in the development of client strategies for the technical and operating models for automation
• Analyze process automation requirements and design robotic process automation solutions, architecture and logic
• Configure and test automated processes prior to deployment into client environments
• Support client testing of automated processes through user acceptance testing and pilot process testing
• Maintain documentation according to firm standards, best practices and standard operating procedures

Experience Required:

• BA or BS in Technology, Math, Engineering with an emphasis on programming
• 1 year of experience with one or more of the following is preferred:
• Business process automation
• Professional services
• Robotic process automation
• Shared services, back office or financial work processes
• Experience with some or all of the following programming languages is preferred:
• C# and/or Java, html, css
• Microsoft Technology (VB .NET, Windows, Internet Explorer, SQL Server, Web Services)
• Scripting languages (e.g., python, perl, powershell, bash, vbs, etc.)
• Willing to travel to North American client locations approximately 80% of the time

Critical Skills / Knowledge:

• Able to rapidly learn and become proficient in selected automation software, technology and tools
• Able to accept responsibility and complete work on a timely basis
• Able to perform in various areas of a project at various levels of responsibility, and under changing conditions
• Follows instructions and executes work plan(s); dependable with regard to responsibilities
• Understands and applies methodologies, best practices and techniques
• Focuses on solutions and productivity, is a self-starter, gets assignments done
• Able to handle varied technical problems on a project or support work effort
• Excellent analysis and solutioning skills
• Excellent verbal and written communications skills
• Works well as a member of a team
• Dresses and conducts self as a competent professional person
• Reliable in promptness and attendance