CHFP Base Camp 2
Clay Hunt Fellowship Program Application
 Caney, KS

We will be accepting applications for this position until 11:59 PM on January 15th 2020.  

Clay Hunt Fellows Program Overview 

The Clay Hunt Fellows Program (CHFP) was established in 2012 to increase volunteer engagement and grow veteran leaders within Team Rubicon’s disaster response initiatives. The program was inspired by Marine veteran and original TR member, Clay Hunt (1982-2011), who embodied service, commitment, sacrifice, and loyalty. 

We are seeking highly-motivated and service-driven veterans interested in developing themselves into competent professional leaders. These leaders are expected to represent Team Rubicon in the spirit of Clay Hunt, holding the Program and the organization in the highest regard and serving as an ambassador to each, as Clay did. For many of our current and past Fellows, it's a life-changing experience that's challenged them to become the best version of themselves while supporting business operations within the organization. Fellows embody Clay’s legacy by living CHFP Values:

  • Commitment to Growth – Having a willingness to be vulnerable and embrace a growth mindset

  • Moral Integrity – Leading a life guided by your moral compass

  • Servant Leadership – Be stewards of Clay’s legacy by inspiring others and bettering one’s community

“The Clay Hunt Fellows Program has given me a unique perspective on my own life and helped me really dig into myself to find how I can be and do better. It allowed me to open up and realize my potential, and in both my personal life and professional life, it has taught me how to reach for things I never thought possible.” - Ben Kennedy, Cohort 7, USMC

Ready to lean in? Before you apply, read some of the frequently asked questions below: 

What is Base Camp?

Base Camp is a six-month remote curriculum that involves strengths discovery, self-awareness exploration, group discussions, reading and self-reflection. Previously, the Clay Hunt Fellows Program was a 12-month curriculum. Base Camp is the same core curriculum condensed to six months.

What Can I Expect?

Expect a course load of 5-10 hours per week in remote assignments. Travel is required twice throughout the fellowship and is spread out over the course of a year. All CHFP travel and lodging costs are covered. Below is a rough idea of what you can expect:

  • Mid-March 2020: 4-day Orientation (Houston, TX)

  • Mid October 2020: 4-day Graduation (Houston, TX)

  • Operational Deployments: You are not required to deploy but can if you desire. This is determined by your availability and, of course, Mother Nature. 

Application Requirements:

Compliance is paramount to scaling our process and respecting the time of everyone involved. Attention to detail is a necessary quality in those wishing to mentor others. Applications will be screened for completion for the following items:

  • Completed Online Application Form 

  • Résumé / CV (submitted as a PDF)

  • DD Form 214 or Country Specific Proof of Service (redact SSN) 

  • Academic Transcript (if applicable, transcripts can be unofficial)

  • ONE Letter of Recommendation sent by a member of Team Rubicon Leadership (IMT, staff, volunteer leader, instructor)

Note: Format all attachments with “Last name - title of document” (Example: Smith – DD214) 

Letter of Recommendation Instructions:

  • Must be sent by the recommending party a a PDF, emailed directly to

  • Letter must include a personal account of the relationship with the applicant and why the applicant would be a good fit for the CHFP

  • Must include contact information of the recommending leader

Common Questions:

  • Who can submit a Letter of Recommendation?

    • Any volunteer leader (City, State, and Territory)

    • IMT, CHFP Fellow, TR Staff or Instructor 

  • How much is the stipend?

    • If selected, you will have the option of collecting $500/month for six months.

  • I applied previously, can I reuse my documents?
    • Yes, your previously written LOR and essays can be used again. However, its worth reviewing your essay and using the feedback (if you requested it) to improve your essay answers. 

  • What happens if I hold a Volunteer Leadership position?

    • CHFP is designed to focus on the individual to build their self-awareness, emotional intelligence and personal growth, in order to focus best on this, we strongly recommend stepping down or taking a pause from your leadership position. Additionally, vacating your position helps build capacity within your Region. You can step back into your role post-fellowship, as desired.

Have more questions?

  • Check out the full FAQ section on our Clay Hunt Fellowship Program Page.