Consumer Lending Officer Trainee

FCS of Mid America Cambridge, OH
At Farm Credit Mid-America, we believe people are our strongest asset. We are consistently looking to hire individuals from a wide range of experience and capabilities who have a desire to serve. Currently, we have over 1,100 employees across Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

This is a trainee level position. The Consumer Lending Trainee's (CL Trainee) primary responsibility is to gain the knowledge, skill, ability and experience to become a fully-functional Consumer Loan Officer.

The Consumer Loan Officer (CLO) is a sales position responsible for building relationships with customers in the consumer market segment. The CLO will use his or her knowledge of finance to fully understand the customer's or prospects' business and personal plans and then market the Farm Credit Mid-America financial services that best meet their needs.

The CLTrainee will learn what is necessary to originate credit to his/her customers by assessing the request and obtaining business and financial information needed to determine the viability and profitability of the deal. After initially screening for soundness, the CL Trainee will work with their supervisor and/or development partner to: assess the customer's needs; determine how best to meet those needs; and to obtain the business and financial information needed for the credit team to make a good credit decision. The CLTrainee will be coached on how to lead the customer relationship and coordinate with others to serve the customer's loan, lease, crop insurance and servicing needs.


* SALES and RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: The CLTrainee will develop and maintain a significant professional presence throughout the assigned territory. He or she will spend time learning how to build professional relationships with customers, prospective customers and influencers based on mutual trust and respect. The objective is to understand customer goals, credit strengths and weaknesses, and deliver "value added"/constructive agricultural and/or financial information that will assist them in their farming businesses.

The CL Trainee will learn how to determine and define the appropriate customer interaction and coordinate the appropriate staff that may directly or indirectly be a part of the relationship to serve the customer's loan, lease, crop insurance and servicing needs. The CL Trainee also ensures appropriate communication to the customer and to internal team members regarding the customer.

* DELIVER SOUND CREDIT: As part of the ongoing consultative relationship with our customers, the CLTrainee will learn to interpret and evaluate financial information and ask appropriate follow-up and probing questions to determine the appropriate product or service. The CL Trainee will learn to effectively recommend loan terms, conditions, and collateral position consistent with the request and associated loan risks, and then set clear expectations with the customer.

* SERVICE PORTFOLIO: To minimize association risk and losses, the CL Trainee will learn how to monitor the portfolio to timely identify and service loans that expose the association to risk. Using his/her knowledge of servicing options, the CL Trainee will effectively negotiate and communicate these options to the customer.

* Represent and Communicate the mission and values of FARM CREDIT

MID-aMERICA and abide by its conduct policy, security policy and confidentiality expectations.

* Assumes additional responsibilities for the betterment of Farm Credit Mid-America.


Grading will depend on a combination of factors: 1) previous financial experience; 2) previous Farm Credit Mid-America system experience; 3) level of professional market presence already established; 4) how quickly the trainee is expected to go on goal; and 4) the general assessment of the recruiter/hiring supervisor.

Grades 10: Education and Experience

This is an entry level position for the Consumer Lending Trainee. The primary responsibility is to become a fully functional Consumer Loan Officer through training and on the job experience.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in business, finance, agriculture or related field.

Grade 11: Education and Experience

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in business, finance, agriculture or related field. At least 1 year of successful experience in job or similar field.

Grade 12: Education and Experience

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in business, finance, agriculture or related field. At least 3 years of successful experience in job or similar field.


Knowledge of: Farm Credit Mid-America products, services, fees and their applications to customers' needs; assigned market segment and territory, its evolution and growth and how changes impact customers; economic conditions; competition's products, interest rates, and fees; competition preparing to move into market; consultative selling techniques; production agriculture; farm business models; accounting and finance concepts; Farm Credit Mid-America accounting systems; Farm Credit Mid-America origination systems and processes; technology; and Farm Credit Mid-America policies and procedures.

Skills in: Building business relationships; creating and networking with business contacts/influencers to develop sales; selling; negotiating; probing for customer needs and opportunities, matching products and services to customer needs; translating features into benefits; closing sales; coordinating a team to achieve a goal; assessing and delivering sound credit; effectively managing and using media; interpersonal relationships; listening; using Farm Credit Mid-America accounting and loan origination systems and computers; effectively and professionally communicating in both verbal and written form; coaching others, thinking critically, making decisions, and creatively solving problems.

Ability to: Achieve goals; be innovative; accept and implement corporate strategies; demonstrate Farm Credit Mid-America values; maintain confidentiality; be a self-starter; sell; be assertive; demonstrate a sense of urgency, a passion for excellence, a positive attitude and a strong sense of ownership and accountability for one's work; relate positively to others; listen to customers; be logical; work under stress and perform in a fast-paced environment; overcome prospect and customer objections; effectively and concurrently manage various responsibilities; prioritize work; manage time; accept risk; inspire others; professionally represent Farm Credit Mid-America.


This job requires the incumbent to have the ability to:

* Engage in telephone and face-to-face conversation to serve customers and give and receive information from customers, staff, vendors, outside consultants and the public.

* Use computer. This involves reading the screen and keying/typing information.

* Speak and make presentations to individuals or groups on technical subjects related to job.

* Travel via auto or commercial transportation to carry out essential responsibilities of the job.

* Successfully interact with and represent the organization to customers, staff, officers, board members, vendors, and/or the public at all levels.

* Provide sound technical advice to customers and other staff in the subject field(s) related to this position.

* Understand and explain various subject matter and consulting concepts, programs, terminology, and methods.

* Reason, judge, compare, calculate, evaluate, decide, and critique such information as written material, numerical data, responses to customer needs, and/or other related work activities.

Requirements of the job include the ability to do the work, with or without reasonable accommodations. It is the Association's policy to make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Leadership retains the right to add, subtract or change duties of the position at any time.

Farm Credit Mid-America is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, veteran status, disability or any other category protected by law.