Custodian B

Harvard University Cambridge, MA
Basic Qualifications

Must be able to routinely communicate clearly in English with co-workers and customers in a professional environment. Must be available to respond to off-hour emergencies as needed.

Physical Requirements:

Ability to perform repetitive tasks as listed in the Duties and Responsibilities. Such tasks require repetitive stooping, bending, reaching and carrying, especially to vacuum, sweep and mop stairwells, perform high and low dusting or cleaning, etc. Must be able to tolerate dust and other airborne particles as well as approved cleaning chemicals. Must be able to lift and carry up to 40 lb. routinely, on a daily basis. May be required to lift and carry five gallon pails of cleaning liquids at various times (weighing up to 40lbs.) May be required to move furniture or other heavy objects for extended periods of time. Performs snow removal assignments including shoveling, sweeping and applying ice melt or sand. May be required to operate equipment, including heavy floor machines. May be required to use ladders on a regular basis.

Emergency Status Designation:

Critical Operations Personnel

Additional Information

Position Summary: Facilities Maintenance Operations (FMO) offers building &landscape maintenance, and custodial services to Harvard faculties and departments on a fee-for-service basis. All services are provided in strict accordance with customer-determined standards. As such, FMO operates as an in-house alternative to contractor services and therefore must manage itself under the same principles that guide any successful maintenance service business.