Associate - Communication Coach - Visually Impaired
Burlington Community School District
 Burlington, IA


Communication Coach Associate

Class B, 7hrs./day, 176 days/yr.

New hires must have an AA degree, Para-educator Certificate, or be able to pass Bronze level NCRC. Responsibilities include accompanying students to his/her activities. Must be able to keep students on task and organized. Assist students with personal hygiene needs. Must be able to supervise students in cafeteria, classrooms, playground, and patrol duties. Computer and typing skills needed. Must have basic understanding of math, science, and reading and writing skills, with ability to check students work. Capability to work with students in small groups (or individually, one-on-one). Ability to follow both written and oral directions. MANDT Training and Behavior Management preferred. Mobility and ability to lift required. Other duties as assigned.